Championship Ice Fishing in South Korea

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Championship Ice Fishing in South Korea,Our fishermen would give them 100 points handicap. Mass fishing in South Korea.

Moscow Opened The First Capsule Hotel Sleepbox,In Moscow, opened the first capsule hotel Sleepbox Hotel. It is located on the 1st Tverskaya street, close to the Belarus railway station. The place chosen by chance - the station connected to the airport Sheremetyevo Aeroexpress, which is convenient for the guests. Capsule hotels are very popular in Japan, as usual the hotels there are quite expensive, and the night in the capsule hotel costs about 20-40 dollars. Usually, this hotel consists of sleeping cells about the size of 2 × 1 × 1,25 meters and stacked in two tiers.

Unbelievable Friendship Little Man And a Dog,Best friends forever The boy is always close to your four-legged friend, he loves his dog and reciprocate. They sleep together, play together, walk together ... 

The most original examples of festive packaging products
At this wonderful time of year when the whole world is languishing in anticipation of the holidays, and Santa Claus, each brand seeks to publish his kind face smiling on the packaging of the goods. Design Christmas package - a solution that can be said key, because on New Year lion's share of all ongoing purchases. In addition, people are mostly judged on the quality of the product at an unbeatable package. This article presents good examples beautiful, attractive and communicative holiday package which with unusual solutions for illustrations, colors, shapes and materials can increase sales and stand out from the competition.

Tea Party Chief Quits

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Tea Party Chief Quits, Eased out with an $8 million payout provided by an influential Republican fundraiser, former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey says he has left the conservative tea party group FreedomWorks because of an internal split over the group's future direction.