Most Popular & Scariest Celebrities Hairstyles of All Time
 We see lots of beautiful hair in Hollywood. But sometimes a celebrity makes a style decision that makes us do a double take and wonder what he or she was thinking. Here are some discussion-worthy looks. Usually celebs like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez get it right when it comes to red carpet hairstyles, but these mega volume looks are definite don'ts -- sorry girls! Check them out for yourself.

Famous Fitness Gurus

Whether it's a light stroll or hitting the treadmill for a four-mile run, people often need motivation to exercise, typically in the form of a peppy or aggressive personality. And with hit shows like "The Biggest Loser" and the immense following of Tony Horton's P90X home fitness program, it's clear that fitness is about star power almost as much as getting healthy.


Hollywood's Best Actors & Actresses For The Buck

In Hollywood it's all about your quote. But what do the top actresses earn for the studios in return for their multimillion-dollar salaries? We crunched the numbers using salaries, box-office earnings and film budgets. The result: an average profit number for every $1 the studio paid the actor.

NAGOYA, Japan (AFP) – Spectacular species previously unknown to the outside world are being discovered in the Amazon rainforest at a rate of one every three days, environment group WWF said in a report published Tuesday.
An anaconda as long as a limousine, a giant catfish that eats monkeys, a blue fanged spider and poisoned dart frogs are among the 1,220 animals and plants to have been found from 1999 to 2009, according to the study.
The report was released on the sidelines of a United Nations summit in Japan that is being held to try to stem the mass extinction of species around the world, and the WWF said it highlighted why protecting the Amazon was so vital.
"This report clearly shows the incredible, amazing diversity of life in the Amazon," Francisco Ruiz, head of WWF's Living Amazon Initiative, told reporters at the launch.

We have lost many beloved figures recently, including a sitcom mom, a sitcom dad, the namesake of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the man who organized the first lunch-counter sit-in.

Find out about these figures and more in the following roundup of obituaries.


Costumes Reign At Gaming Convention

Fans of World of Warcraft and other top games spare no expense in celebrating their favorite characters Another year, another BlizzCon. Blizzard Entertainment's annual convention isn't just a platform for the latest news about upcoming titles like World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Diablo III. It's also a chance for diehard devotees to show off painstakingly-crafted costumes and let their fan flags fly. Without further ado, we present some of the most eye-catching outfits to grace the festivities this year.


World's Most 11 Burial Haunting Cemeteries


The Best States For Business and Careers

Utah tops our fifth annual ranking, knocking longtime leader Virginia from the top spot.When voters in 37 states select their governors next month, the overriding issue will be, of course, the economy.

Big butts are the new black in Hollywood and that is fine by us! Take a look at some of the best booty Tinsel Town has to offer.

Figure-control undergarments

OK, ladies, admit it. Very few of us have avoided wrestling with a pair of control-top pantyhose in the name of creating a leaner silhouette. The good news is that some designers feel our pain and have introduced a category of clothing -- not undergarments -- that does the trick.


70s Fashion icons

From bell-bottoms to butterfly collars to platform shoes, the '70s gave us some of the flyest fashions. These are just a few of the people who inspired us to groovy new heights.

Best and Worst Airports to Find a Date

Annie Balart was flying home to New Orleans when a fellow traveler caught her eye at the airport’s baggage claim area. “We did an equal amount of checking each other out from across the carousel,” she admits. The guy, Wes Michaels, decided that if their bags came out at the exact same time, he would work up the nerve to talk to her. Despite the long odds, the suitcases spilled onto the belt next to each other. An airport connection was born.

Parents of preteen daughters are forewarned. Ponytails and pigtails are now out of style. Willow Smith, the 9-year-old fashionista and daughter of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith, has spoken by way of her debut music video, "Whip My Hair."

Every fall, when the networks launch their new shows, we start looking for the standout stars.

 They're not always on the best programs. Sometimes, like with this year's just-canceled "Lone Star" from this network, they're on TV for only a couple of weeks before the networks cut their show from the lineup

With Utah authorities investigating a reality-show husband for having multiple wives, we look at polygamy in history, culture, religion and the law.

Cheap gas and insurance make South Carolina the best. California, with high costs and bad infrastructure, is the worst.
With its politicians hiking the Appalachian Trail or facing sex charges, South Carolina draws more than its share of bad publicity nationally. So here's some good news about South Carolina: By our reckoning, the heart of the Old South is the best state to drive in, by far. The country's lowest average gas price, plus cheap insurance, good legal protections and the sixth-best rating for infrastructure/safety, make the Palmetto State a dreamland for motorists.

The 10 Worst States For Drivers

The Fastest-Growing Cities In The U.S.

When it comes to IQs, there's the dull, the genius level and the ridiculously smart. Although renowned brainiac Stephen Hawking has this to say about sharing scores, many famous folk and their fans still obsess about the (real or rumored) results of this French-born intelligence test.
So, which stars reportedly have brainpower to spare?

They are often violent and laced with profanity, but the moviegoing public has shown insatiable taste for gangster films. They have captivated audiences for decades, reaching back to the films of Jimmy Cagney, Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart.

The new HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" offers a weekly reminder why gangster stories are so fascinating. Here are the top 10 gangster films to remember.

Living Tower - a popular sport during various festivals in Spain. Sometimes they fall ...

 We have long loved Emma Thompson, an Oscar winner we've never quite gotten enough of. But when she first appeared as no nonsense Nanny McPhee, armed with a snaggletooth, warts, body padding and a potato-like nose, we wondered what she was up to. Did the glowing star of "Sense and Sensibility" really want to spend her days playing a circus freak version of Mary Poppins? Apparently so -- "Nanny McPhee Returns," the sequel to "Nanny McPhee," 2005's hit family movie -- arrives in theaters this week.

Census of Marine Life photo

A Census of Marine Life photo shows a new species of scorpionfish found in the Indo-Pacific area. Much of the marine world remains to be explored, so vast are the seas.

Reality television has given us some of the greatest moments in TV history, yet some of it sticks with us for all the wrong reasons ("The Littlest Groom," anyone?). These are our picks for the best and worst of the bunch

Wherever you go in this country, there’s likely to be something big you can visit along the way. And by big we mean something that is – or claims to be – “the world’s largest ...” Some turn out to be civic efforts to get some attention, but many are testaments to a town’s better times gone by. Feel we've missed something big on this list?
World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup – Collinsville, Ill.

Forbes releases its 2010 rankings, with "a true change-maker" topping the list

A Room with a Brew

Get your spirits with a splash of local color at these dive bars where customers slum it and soak up some low culture.

The Nobel Foundation has given out this many prizes since 1901. A record number of names were submitted for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Each winner receives a diploma, a medal (pictures) and a pretty big cash award. The last prize was added in 1968. In honor of the prizes that will be handed out this week, (which one will be awarded at a later date?) we take a look at the award's namesake and some memorable winners.

 Bollywood Beautiful Doll Katrina Kaif Newest Shoot

George Lopez & Ann

Comedian George Lopez and his wife, Ann, have called it quits, and based on estimates of his net worth the talk show host could be facing an expensive split. From Rupert and Anna Murdoch's breakup to Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving's costly separation, here's a rundown of some of the most lavish celebrity splits.

They were totally rad in the 1980s with their, like, totally awesome style and cool sounds. Here are a few artists who made you want your MTV. See what they are up to now.

12 of America's Best Local Farmers' Markets

These large local markets offer some of the best farm-fresh produce around the country, making them a mecca for residents and visitors alike who want a taste (literally and figuratively) of the local scene. Plus, try our recipe suggestions that feature each market's specialty ingredients.