America's 25 Most Expensive ZIP Codes

A neighborhood in Duarte, Calif., tops our annual list of the most expensive ZIP codes. As usual, California, Manhattan and wealthy New York suburbs dominate the list, with all but one of the top 25 ZIPs located in those areas. Ahead, homes currently on the market near the median price of the most expensive ZIPs.

13 of the Worst Beauty Trends

Sure, in retrospect, not every beauty trend is spot-on sexy. Some make us laugh about our silly decisions, but others…well, let’s just say they’re not among our prouder moments. Behold, 13 of the craziest beauty trends we can’t wait to forget.

  With depressed prices across America’s real estate market, many first time home buyers are in a position to purchase a home that will rise in value over the long term. But since every local market is different, some places are significantly better than others for starter homes.

Marvel at these medical and scientific wonders at museums and exhibits across the U.S. where getting grossed-out is just part of the educational experience.

See Cute Critters in the Wild

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Where to See Cute Animals
It's fun to visit favorite animals in the zoo, but visiting them in their natural environments can be much more meaningful. Here we present great places around the world to view 16 irresistible creatures. Any time you’re viewing wild animals, of course, remember that you are in their territory; respect their habitat and keep your distance.


American bison have made a triumphant return from the brink after being hunted nearly to extinction in the 1800s. While most bison these days are part of captive herds, a few locations have populations of free-roaming animals. Notable among these is Yellowstone National Park, where the number of bison ranges between 2,300 and 4,500.  Yellowstone is the only place in the U.S. where bison have lived continuously since before recorded history.

A majority of billionaires in the Forbes 400 have regained at least some of the wealth lost in the recession and stock market meltdown. But as a group, they're still down from 2008.

Who's on top in 2010?


Billionaire Givers

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The Giving Pledge

About 40 billionaires have signed on to "The Giving Pledge," a charitable initiative started by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates. Each has made a commitment to give the majority of their wealth to the causes and charities of their choice.

Forbes estimates there are 403 billionaires in the U.S. Some, including a talk show host, haven't commented publicly on the pledge, and others, including a California gubernatorial candidate, reportedly have declined.

You don't have to be a billionaire - or even have money -- to help others. Here's how you can find volunteer opportunities in your area.

Interesting idea, shirt-style iPhone, you first need to unlock, I wonder what?

Got your own blonde ambition? Check out these star hairstyles to find the right shade for you!

Move over, Harvey Weinstein. The biggest power player in Hollywood is a bottle of hair dye. More specifically, since the earliest days of the silver screen, the color blonde has helped your average Norma Jeans become legendary Marilyn Monroes. Today, the legacy continues, and even the sultriest of famous brunettes have been known to dabble in lighter territory. Got your own blonde ambition? Click through to get inspired by each and every red carpet-worthy shade in Tinseltown.

Christina Aguilera bleaches it to the max.

It's no secret that many of us take our beauty cues from celebrities. Recently a poll from hair company Goody officially confirmed it by counting down the six most popular celeb-inspired hairstyles. We've added a few iconic styles of our own to make up the 10 best hairstyles of all time — some of which still work today

There is a saying that only one out of every 10 people is good-looking.  Next time you’re in a crowded place, take a gander. You’ll see that it’s mostly true (unless you’re in a room full of swimsuit models – in that case, go you!). So, when narrowing down the top 10 hottest first ladies (and mistresses), I did a little math. There have been 44 presidential wives. If the saying holds true, that means only 4.5 are aesthetically pleasing. Ouch. No wonder there are so many mistresses. The ironic thing about the mistresses, though? John Kennedy had the most, but he had the hottest wife. Go figure.

10. Helen Herron Taft

Celeb homes As if you need more proof they don't live like us

Extravagance knows no limits for most celebrities when it comes to real estate. From Malibu mansions to Italian villas, they buy it everywhere — and aren't afraid to spend amounts the rest of us can only dream of. Here, in the name of the sin of envy, are some incredible celebrity homes — and just to torture you some more, most of them we've chosen are for sale. Happy house-hunting!

Wonderful creations inspired by the Steampunk sub-genre of science fiction.

Unique shoe shaped house, constructed by Mahlon Haines back in 1948, is located in Hallam, Pennsylvania.

Michael Killian’s unusual bike allows you to travel sideways and comes with independently steerable wheels.

Weird College Classes

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It's that time of year when bright young minds start to fill college campuses with their backpacks filled and pencils sharpened. Instead of such chestnuts as Psych 101 and Intro to Spanish, their class schedules are now just as likely to include The Psychology of Facebook, Intro to Reality TV and even dance classes held at the local laundromat.

College kids these days have the freedom to really explore their passions, no matter how far-fetched or obscure they may seem. Before you go taking out a second mortgage just to pay tuition, check out some of these "non-traditional" courses and degrees being offered in today's halls of higher ed.

Visitors look at an art work to be auctioned in Christie's New York, Sept. 10, 2010. The Asian Art Week, highlighting ancient and modern works from Asia, will be held at the Christie's New York from Sept. 14 to 17.

The work was presented as a gift to Filip Vujanovic, president of the Republic of Montenegro when he visited the Shanghai Expo in May.

Do you have a million bucks to drop on an automobile? No one here at MSN Autos does, either. But there are those who do. Hate them or love them, the filthy rich drive some of the most enviable rides on the road today. You might be surprised to hear, however, that they aren't necessarily the sexiest. According to a recent survey by the Luxury Institute, a New York-based research and consulting firm, the wealthy elite are drawn more to conservative offerings from Bentley, Maybach and Rolls-Royce than flashy models from Ferrari and Lamborghini. As an exercise in masochism for those of us without the wherewithal to purchase an ultraextravagant machine, we researched the brands that are most respected by the rich and shameless. Here's what we found.

New College of Florida

Sure, you go to college to study, but sometimes the campus and its surroundings are so gorgeous that it’s a challenge to tear your eyes away long enough to open a book. Just in time for the start of the academic year, here are our picks for the nation’s most scenic colleges and universities.

A woman tastes chocolate while enjoying the chocolate bath in the beauty saloon "After the Rain" in Geneva, Switzerland

Even in the best of times, the majority of small businesses fail. Here's a brief examination of 10 entrepreneurs who not only succeeded but amassed business empires, and the personal riches that came with them.

Heavy Artillery Pumps

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Lauren Tennenbaum of (In)Decorous Taste has to be a shoe God, considering how there’s no other way to describe her creativity and ability to create these awesome DIY projects.

U.S. sports website Bleacher Report has ranked a list of "NBA's 10 most unstoppable scorers of all time."

Here's a look:
No. 1  Michael Jordan

No. 2  Wilt Chamberlaiv

No. 3  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

No. 4  Shaquille O'Neal

No. 5  Kobe Bryant

No. 6  Jerry West

No. 7  Allen Iverson

No. 8  George Gervin

No. 9  Dominique Wilkins

No. 10  Hakeem Olajuwon


After 40 those Hollywood's Belles Still Charming on Red Carpet

1. Halle Berry