There is a tipping point where a person stops being an actor and starts being a movie star. It's not just when someone appears in a leading role or a hit movie. It's the moment when an actor goes from being a face to being a bankable name.
For the ten young women on this list, that moment is now. Each has appeared or will be featured in a major 2010 release that not only made an impact with audiences, but also charted a course for their career. You may have see them before somewhere, but soon you'll see them all everywhere.

Age: 25
In her first few acting jobs, she went by her given name "Patricia." But she says she never really liked it, so she started going by her more memorable middle name. This year, she nabbed her first leading role in April's remake of the horror classic "A Nightmare on Elm Street." She'll soon be appearing in director David Fincher's "The Social Network," but she really made headlines when it was announced she'll be re-teaming with Fincher for the upcoming American adaptation of the runaway bestselling book "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like a broken heart. Countless songs have been written about love gone wrong, but when the failed romantic entanglement involves someone famous, well, that's when things really get interesting. Click through for a host of hit songs that were allegedly inspired by a celebrity ex.

Pretty Chinese Stars in Ugly Movies Role

Little Hercules ROV discovers new marine species in Indonesia

The image shows a newly discovered marine creature captured by the Little Hercules ROV during the Indonesia-USA deep-sea exploration expedition, according to media reports on Thursday.

We just gave major props to the hottest celebrity moms but there are certain stars who we’re hoping NEVER become moms. It’s not that these celebs would be responsible for a living being, just the idea of them contributing back into the gene pool makes us a little uneasy.

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2010

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John Fox, Carolina Panthers

Head coaches like authority and power. Head coaches without a long contract sometimes struggle to lead and enforce their necessary juice. John Fox has that obstacle heading into 2010, as his deal lasts only through 2010 as the Panthers come off a disappointing 8-8 season. Fox has led the Panthers to just three winning records in eight years, though in all three Carolina won division titles.

Here is a list of the world’s Young Richest Royals.

1.Prince William, U.K.

Age: 28
Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, Currently training to become a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force helicopter pilot. 

World's Top 10 Highest Paid Authors

by funnywebpark | 12:47 AM in , , , | has released a ranking of the world's top ten highest-paid authors based on their earnings from books, film rights, television, gaming deals and other income from June 1, 2009, through June 1, 2010.

James Patterson tops the list with 70 million U.S. dollars, while the "Twilight Saga" author Stephenie Meyer follows at the second place with 40 million dollars in earning.

1. James Petterson: $70 million


Whether you approve of tattoos or not, some of the world's sexiest men and women — from Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox to Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt — sport ink. This made us wonder — where in the world do most of the tattooed bods in America live? To figure out which U.S. cities were the most tattoo-friendly, we perused chat forums and looked up every state in several public directories, including Yellow Pages, Google listings, Tattoo Yellow Pages and AAA Tattoo Directory, to find those with the most listed tattoo and permanent makeup shops. Then we looked up which cities in those states had the most shops listed per capita with populations based on latest U.S. Census numbers. We also took into consideration the city's demographics and whether or not it hosted tattoo conventions, remembering that not all tattoo parlors were listed in the directories. Here are the cities that love ink the most:

No. 1: Miami Beach, Fla.

Buzzards Bay Escape

For a seafront site on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, Robert A. M. Stern designed a striking Shingle Style house for a Boston family. It stands at the tip of a peninsula that extends two and a half miles into the bay, with incomparable views in all directions. The low rise it sits upon is, in fact, the bunker of a World War II U.S. Navy surveillance station that remains buried on the site.

Glass Buildings – The transparent, ethereal nature of glass allows for extraordinary creations in the world of architecture. From a crystalline pyramid of light to a clear balcony 1,300 feet in the sky, glass is truly a versatile material for the creative architect. To celebrate how important glass is to our homes, offices and lives, here is a look at the world’s glass building masterpieces: 15 creative uses of glass in architecture.

Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud France

Unusual Refrigerators

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It’s a pretty standard ploy from television execs: once a show is even vaguely popular, take some of the characters, and give them their own series. Hopefully, the money train keeps arriving at the station, and you can keep up your habits of snorting ground mummies off transvestite midget’s asses, or whatever it is that television execs actually do. Unfortunately, for every good spin off (Frasier) there are dozens of horrible ones, ranging from the boring to the downright unwatchable. Here are some of the worst.

1. Joanie Loves Chachi

Whether you’re into rock, rap, or songs about drug-addled concertgoers hooking up in the chill-out tent, you’re in luck.
Summer means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about avoiding work and enjoying barbecues. For others, it’s all about avoiding the heat and enjoying the water. And for a select few, it’s all about avoiding deadly projectiles while enjoying backyard games of Jarts.

But no matter what you’re up to this (or any) summer, you need a soundtrack.
The 12 albums on this list of the best summer albums of all time vary in the amount they’re actually about summer. (A few are really more about Southern California than anything else, but hey, it’s basically always summer there.) Just trust us — all of these records are ideal for beating the heat by rolling down the windows and turning up the volume.

Lanikai Beach

Translated into English Lanikai means “heavenly sea,” which is exactly what it is. Locals and visitors alike marvel at the picture perfect white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters.

Futuristic Home Made Of Smart-ologic Corian and Designed by Karim Rashid

The project conducted by the canadian designer Karim Rashid and the coincidence concept of sustainable modular home design. Milan Design Week 2010 a project called ‘Smart-ologic Corian® Living’ was presented.  The interior of this home has a futuristic look, soft organic shapes of walls and furniture, and modern appliances. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a living room. The photovoltaic modules of DuPont, integrated into the roof, create environmentally-sustainable energy. All the lighting is LED for efficiency and low energy consumption and the radiant floors are powered by solar generated energy.

These ultrapricey brews can cost as much as your beer budget for an entire year … okay, an entire month.

There are lots of different ways to drink beer, whether you’re throwing back can after can … after can of inexpensive domestic beer at a barbecues, or enjoying a moderately priced import draft during a night out. But how often do you blow some or all of a month’s rent on a single bottle of beer?

Call them visionaries, maniacs, or people with drinking problems, but brewers all over the world are brewing beers that have absurdly high alcohol contents, or that come in bottles doubling as works of art, or that are derived from ancient recipes and ingredients dug up from graves. They all have one thing in common: They’re ridiculously expensive.

Thirsty yet? Then grab your wallet and check out the priciest brews money (well, maybe not your money) can buy.

No matter how much you exercise, these low-effort tricks will have you looking better in no time.

You know that you should exercise, but there are lots of things holding you back: You don’t have the time to devote to a regular exercise routine, or you don’t have the money to join a gym, or The Biggest Loser is on and you never miss an episode. Those are, of course, all just lame excuses for why you don’t exercise, but we’re going to ignore that (for now). Instead, we’re going to show you how to fake it.
If you know you have next to no willpower, don’t sweat it; our methods are so easy even, well, you could handle them. And if you’re a guy who exercises fairly regularly, don’t bail. Our tricks — from lightning-fast ways to temporarily pump up your muscles to foods that de-bloat you — will also help you look your absolute best.

Movie trailers are liars.
If they’re not using the only two funny scenes in the movie to make you think the entire movie is funny, or creatively splicing scenes together to completely misrepresent the movie, they’re using scenes that don’t even make it into the movie. The New York Times once ran an entire story about how many of the scenes in the National Treasure: Book of Secrets trailer weren’t actually in the movie. (We expect more from you, Nic Cage.)
Why do the suits who market movies create trailers that have little to do with the real films? Because they’ll do anything to convince suckers like us to shell out for a ticket.
Okay, not all trailers are bogus … but these 10 sure are. Read on to find out why. And since this is the Internet, we’re contractually obligated to say this: Spolier alert

World Championship Sports sauna - this is a stupid sport, during which people do not enjoy the sauna, but try not to die.

It’s official- the wall decal is the new mural! These popular graphics are fun, witty, and technically “green” because they are easily applicable and transferable. In our search for creative office spaces, we found the offices of Third Frame Studios to demonstrate just how clever these d├ęcor concepts can be. Slovenian firm Zek designed the graphics which are slightly geeky in nature to bring the rooms a focal point by dressing up the vibrant office walls with playful images. Although it is questionable whether all this colorful art is stimulating work productivity, they certainly make it an amusing work environment with each statement!

I do this all the time! I guess I won't be doing it ANY more !

Vehicles of transport have long been celebrated in Pakistan, adorned with elaborate decorations to keep good spirits with the journey. A fleet of particularly vibrant mini-buses ply the Karachi route called W-11, characterized by stainless-steel panels, brightly colored plastic collages, flashing light patterns, music beats and exuberant conductors. As part of the Commonwealth Games, a group of Pakistani bus decorators transformed a Melbourne Tram into what you would expect to see on a Karachi bus routes.

Decorated trams are nothing new to the people of Melbourne, but this tram is different, it's not about advertising, it's about celebrating life. As the words written in Urdu and translated in English emblazoned down the side read "Love is Life". A ride on this tram is not about getting somewhere; it's about really being moved.