Alice in Wonderland Weddings

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Lauren Brimhall is the brilliant photographer who captured these amazing Alice in Wonderland-themed engagement photos. For a couple who wants some extremely memorable and different engagement photos, this photoshoot contains awesome inspiration.
The lovely couple is dressed up as the characters Alice and the Mad Hatter. The Alice in Wonderland-themed engagement photos are romantic, bright and look amazing with all of the fall leaves on the ground. Lauren Brimhall did an absolutely amazing job with the photography; I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.

Oscar 2011 Best Picture nominees. Time for your Oscar movie dash, and since the Academy doubled the number of Best Picture nominees from five to 10 last year, you may have more movies to see before the Oscars are handed out Feb. 27. Here's a guide to help you navigate your way through the cinematic award wannabes.

We also have a guide for you to make the Oscar literary-movie connection so you can make that stop at the bookstore worthwhile. Skip ahead to the films nominated for Best Picture:

70s Disco Fashion

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  The Naty Chabanenko Numéro Tokyo March 2011 editorial is fit for a dancing queen. The bright color combinations in the wardrobe, heavy application of pink eyeshadow and tightly curled coif featured channel the retro fashion stylings of the front ladies of ABBA.
The sparkled, sequined and tasseled outfits in the Naty Chabanenko Numéro Tokyo March 2011 studio shoot lensed by Yasunari Kikuma pays a fitting homage to the vivid 70s.

14 Delectable Desert Boots

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 Collection of the most unusual, innovative, and creative go-kart designs.

  The Wall Street Dog Trench Coat is a perfect cold-weather pet accessory. Made from a wool blend and featuring a fleece lining for added warmth and comfort, the Dog Trench Coat keeps your puppy warm and stylish while out for a neighborhood walk. It even features details such as a trench coat belt complete with belt loops.
The company, DogCollarsBoutique, even added a harness on the back of the Dog Trench Coat which is heavenly news to anyone with pets as most of these stylish options don’t come with accustomed details to showcase your pet’s couture. The Dog Trench Coat is available between $100 and $110.

 What a dive: The underwater realm that inspired James Cameron's new 3D film Sanctum. This is a real photograph from one of the most mysterious environments in the world

The first time I've seen such an original way of parking. The girl handed over back, and that's what this maneuver succeeded.

Series of creative benches in unusual places by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly. Elevated urban furniture will provide a different perspective of the public space through a detached experience within the city.

Innovative packaging concept designed by Petar Pavlov for Doritos chips.Triangular structure allows you to close the bag and keep your chips fresh.

A new era for the police vehicle is upon us. The age of the tried and true Ford Crown Victoria is finally drawing to a close, and there is no shortage of suitors — ranging from awe-inspiring to yawn-inducing — lining up to replace it as Johnny Law's preferred transport. Here's a quick rundown of what will be protecting tomorrow's streets, as well as what you should be keeping an eye out for on the side of the road and in your rearview mirror.

Breathtaking new extreme sport takes paragliding to new heights...gliding next to HAWKS

In our day and age of individuality and customization, Hard Corps Weaponry brings this sense of freedom to your beloved gun collection. Of course, if you don’t own any guns, this might spur you to purchase at least one.

There are many ways to gauge misery. This list considers 10 factors, including unemployment, crime, taxes and a few that are less serious but still elevate people's blood pressure, such as the weather, commute times and local sports-team performance.

World super model kate moss transformations

Cool cartoons on the world-famous players

Zsa Zsa gabor to Leave Hospital

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Zsa Zsa gabor to Leave Hospital ailing zsa zsa gabor will be home in time for birthday

lohan charged felony

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Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged with Felony

sonali bendre wardrobe malfunction pics

Is The Situation Leaving Jersey Shore?

Urban Tree Salvage Creates Awesome Rugged Equipment
Urban Tree Salvage recently exhibited some of their pieces at the 2011 Interior Design Show that was held in Toronto. Their unique furniture is designed out of wood that they have salvaged from their local surroundings.
The types of woods that Urban Tree Salvage focuses on using are locally grown domestic woods such as Maple, Ash, Elm and Oak. Urban Tree Salvage creates custom pieces, which allows customers to request certain types of woods and designs as well.

Celebrity Yearbook Portraits
It's tough to look at photos of celebs in all their shining, toned, facialed glory and not get a little jealous. But, hey, guess what: Celebrities had awkward teen years too! Sure, they ended up hot, rich, famous, etc., etc., but let's not dwell on that. In honor of the "You Again" DVD release, we take a look at celebs' awkward (and

adorable) teenage years.  
Ryan Seacrest


Best Super Bowl commercials

 Here are a few ads that may have you sold on laughter in 30 seconds or less.

Outrageous lawsuits

Journalists targeted, beaten, detained by Mubarak supporters

6 Fantastic Former Prisons Turned Luxury Hotels

Famous former prisoners

The World's Most Beautiful Cars
What makes a car beautiful? Is it flowing lines, pleasing proportions, a clear identity, a strong sense of character, exquisite details or a mixture of all of the above? True, the assessment of beauty ultimately remains in the eye of the beholder, yet its truest manifestations always seem to elicit unanimous praise and approval. We have looked far and wide to choose the most beautiful production cars of the last few years, and agonized over a list of 10 standouts. The fact that most are European will not come as a great surprise, but the inclusion of a compact sedan from South Korea should raise a few eyebrows.

Grammy Heavy Hitters
An honor roll of the Grammy Awards' most honored artists