Top 20 Memorable Celebrity Red-Carpet Looks
 In show-stopping gowns and barely-there minidresses, these Hollywood icons know how to create major fashion moments. Who can forget Gwyneth Paltrow’s cut-out Stella McCartney minidress, or Julia Roberts’s legendary vintage Valentino? InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein reveals 20 of his favorites.

Celebrity Yearbook Photos
Here are tips to make your yearbook photo look great. Take solace in knowing that even our favorite celebrities were forced to pose during their most awkward years for the whole world to later see. Here they are.


Cartoon voice actors

cartoon voice actors


Stars turning 40 in 2011

Stars Turning 40 in 2011
In 1971, Led Zeppelin released a huge hit (listen) and “Dirty Harry” was packing theaters; meanwhile, proud parents were welcoming babies like the one who would grow up to be a rapper with his own language, the one who would be the star of “Heathers” and other future famous folks. See which stars are turning 40 next year.
Stars Turning 40 in 2011


Famous people's final words


California real estate


New Year's Eve Greatest Places to Ring In the New Year

Where will you be on New Year's Eve? Here are some ideas for amazing places to visit when you really want to usher in the new year in a memorable way. Let the countdown begin!

Millennium Island, Kiribati

New Year's Eve Millennium Island, Kiribati

25 Multimillionaires Without High School Diplomas
While the rest of us were negotiating our curfews and cramming for the SATs, some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs ditched high school (or didn't even enroll) to start building multimillion-dollar fortunes. Here are 25.

Top 25 Santa Claus faces around the world


Crazy and cool Christmas lights

2010 Celebrity Weddings
Click through the year in celebrity weddings, the dazzling photos and the intimate details. Find out who hired Elton John and who crashed with George Clooney.


The Biggest Celebrity Makeovers of 2010

From extreme plastic surgery to hairstyle overhauls, the most dramatic morphs of the year

January Jones

Holiday Makeup Inspired by the Stars

Are you ready for all of those holiday parties? Try some of these celebrity-inspired makeup looks!

Amy Adams


Celebrity Biggest Breakups of 2010

From Sandra Bullock and Jesse James to Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, check out some of 2010's biggest breakups. 

Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds


Cool Ladies Of Cinema History

Grace Kelly:

Top 10 Movies of 2010

They woke us up in the morning. They talked us to sleep at night. They entertained us in the middle of the day when nothing else was on. We find out where some of the more memorable TV talk show hosts are today and remember those we’ve lost.

Find out why you will get attention (sometimes not good) for your Rudolph style.

Some folks like to decorate trees for Christmas. Others like to decorate themselves for the holidays. Think “Bridget Jones.” We offer both sides in the ugly-sweater debate. Exhibit A. Hear from fashion critics who offer reasons why it’s a fashion don’t, and a self-proclaimed holiday sweater lover who thinks the garments are all the rage

Central and South America offer the winning combination of warm weather and cheap real estate.
Looking for your own slice of heaven? Central and South America offer the unbeatable combination of warm weather and inexpensive real estate. And for Old World charm, you'll always have Paris. 

Super-affordable: Nicaragua, specifically León, Granada and San Juan del Sur

Comparing 1980 and 2010 Prices
 Are Americans as Poor as They Feel? What Americans Are Really Paying for the Things They Buy Most
For many Americans, thinking back to the days of 99¢ gas and 50¢ cups of coffee, it may be cathartic to grumble about how expensive life has become, especially during the current economic downturn. The reality, however, is that a lot of things aren't as expensive as we think—and many things actually cost less in relative terms.A look at the cost of living between 1980 and 2010 shows that nominal income rose more than overall consumer prices (nominal income is income not adjusted for inflation). The price of many day-to-day expenses such as food and even energy increased at a slower pace than overall consumer prices, which means their relative costs are lower, while some big-ticket items, such as education and health care, became more expensive, causing a shift in spending.

Best and Worst Movie Careers

Which cinematic stars had a good year, and which are ready for 2011 to begin, oh, now?

123 Meters High Cliff Castle

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123 Meters High Cliff Castle

Don’t know what to get Mom, Dad or the kid who lives down the street for the holidays? Relax. We have got you covered. Here are gift ideas for everyone on your list.

The World's Most Famous Celebrity Grave Sites
Here are some other beloved stars' final burial spots.

Can you name the most popular fighters in boxing? Mike Tyson, George Foreman, and Oscar De La Hoya don't count. They're retired. When was the last time you watched boxing on television? Unless you splurged on Pay Per View, chances are the Olympics were involved. How about listing some famous boxing movies? Now that's a little easier.

These items will surely brighten any gadget lover's Christmas this season.

CNET editors, among others, have picked the top tech for this year's holiday season. From laptops and tablets to cameras, TVs and more, here are some ideas that might please your favorite geek.

How did they do That?

Top 10 Highest Earning Reality TV Stars of 2010
Reality TV star, designer, model, producer and socialite Kim Kardashian has topped the list of highest earning reality stars 2010

USS Shaw explodes after being hit by bombs

 There are few actors who can open blockbusters around the world and still win Oscar nominations. With awards season just around the corner, we take a look at those who can do both. We looked at every actor and actress who was nominated for an Academy Award in the last five years. We ranked them first by box office earnings for films they starred in over the same period, and second by number of nominations, and then combined the two rankings to come up with a final list.

We're fascinated by the lives of celebrities, but when they pass on tragically, we can also be drawn to the way they died. In some cases, stars can become even more famous than ever for the mysterious circumstances under which they died. As a hat tip to this week's

premiere of the new History Channel series "Decoded," which has investigators looking into the untold histories of institutions such as the White House, the Statue of Liberty and more, we thought we'd take a look at stars whose untimely ends fascinate mystery buffs and conspiracy nuts alike.

Whether because of dated products, broken business models or off-target strategies, a lot of notable companies are struggling as they enter the new year. Consider the plights of Sears, Barnes and Noble, Kodak and these 6 others.

From the two-timing Tiger to the pop princess on parole, find out the muses behind these drinks.

Tired of ordering or making the same old drink when you go out with your friends? Since, you can’t live like a celebrity, toast with a taste of the stars. Here are a few drinks perfect for your next holiday cocktail party. See if you can guess who the following drinks were named after. Cheers.

Here are the Top Ten Hottest Women in the World for the Year.


The signs are everywhere: American automakers are on the mend. Free of any bailout stigma, Ford is leading the pack, with compelling cars and trucks delivering massive profits. One step behind, General Motors has emerged from bankruptcy as a leaner, nimbler company, with several new models that are scoring well with critics and consumers. And Chrysler has allied with Italy's Fiat to revamp its aging car lineup. Whether Ford can sustain its momentum, and whether GM and Chrysler can thrive again, remains to be seen. What is clear is that Detroit's Big Three are raising their game. These 10 models are proof.

Athletes and cars aren't the only ones with a need for speed. Animals, astrophysicists and riders of roller coasters also pursue jaw-dropping velocities. Here are some of the fastest things in the world.

This prolific entertainer is on a lot of people's minds these days, but not just for his holiday cheer or his critically acclaimed new album. Find out about his never-ending beefs with a politician and a pop star, and learn what other water-cooler topics had the rest of our tastemakers' tongues wagging this month.