Top 10 Great Religious Horror Movies


Winter Beauty Trend Watch

Extra-Long Locks

How Britney has grown up
Tiny Dancer

Award Winning Bird Tattoo Designs

Best Example Action Photography

The Voices Behind Voice-overs
Certain actors and entertainers have built their careers around their elocution skills. Find out who voiced some of our most popular characters & commercials.

 Asia's The Beautiful Woman Alive Atlas
In a fit of ambitious curiosity and anti-jingoism, we sought out a Woman We Love... in every country on the planet. Not necessarily the sexiest, but still — a resource.

Most Prettiest and Beautiful Bollywood Celebs in Sarees

Female superheroes and villains of the past

The ferocious feline temptress is set to live out yet another of her nine lives. Hollywood just announced that a former princess will now revive the whip-wielding role.


Pony pop icons

Kim Kardashian’s 10 Best Makeup Looks
We may not be able to give you Kim Kardashian’s genetically blessed tush, but her makeup—now, that we can help you with. And that’s good news because not only is this girl known for what is possibly the world’s best smoky eye, but she has a lot of other beauty tricks up her sleeve. Read on for her 10 all-time best eye, lip and cheek looks, along with a few beauty secrets to re-creating that Kardashian mystique.

1: The Classic Smoky Eye

2: The Barely There, Fresh-Faced Thing

3: Contrasting Lipstick and Blush Colors

4: The Allover Peach Look

5: Hot-Pink Lips

6: The Purple-Gray Smoky Eye

7: Glowing Bronze Skin

8: Pinkish-Red Lip gloss

9: The Dramatic Bronze Eye

10: Cleopatra-Style Eyeliner

Perplexing optical illusions

2011: Biggest Geek Year Ever?
Dozens of genre offerings are coming to the screen in the next 12 months, and Parallel Universe gives you the lowdown

Calculating odds

Presidential style

Whether you're into cowboys, ballerinas or sports, there are plenty of great movies in theaters near you. And there's more greatness to come. Check out these films that you must see in 2011.

Miss America where are they now
 The Miss America pageant is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, and many former winners will be attending the festivities. We're taking a look all the way back to 1980 to find out what happened to the pageant queens.

The Good Good Guys, the Bad Good Guys and the Ugly Good Guys!
A dozen of the most unlikely movie superheroes


A History of Must-See TV

A look at NBC's Thursday night comedy legacy


The greatest sidekicks ever


Celebs Without Makeup

We see them grace the red carpet at premieres and award shows looking flawless, but celebs don't always walk around looking picture-perfect. Want proof? Keep clicking to see stars like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and more without makeup.
Kim Kardashian

The Hottest Home Improvement in 2011

 Prepare yourself to see yet more of Justin Bieber. The heartthrob teen crooner is gracing the cover of the January issue of Vanity Fair, in which he offers one of his most grown-up interviews yet. In it, the 16-year-old star gives a glimpse into his internal world: making Michael Jackson a career model,
his predominantly female fanbase, and how he's literally losing sleep over his hard-won fam


World's top 10 athletes in 2010

1. Rafael Nadal, tennis, Spain


Future Tech That Will Rule Us All

Progress marches on, with new technologies blasting out of the gun of science on a daily basis. These 11 inventions and concepts are going to be the rulers of 2011.


Gorgeous and over 50

Over a half-century old doesn’t mean what it used to, and these celebrities are proof that you can still have sex appeal when you hit retirement age. For them, another year older means hitting award shows and landing new movie roles.
Helen Mirren


Weird World Wonders

They say that truth is stranger than fiction — and you could argue just as strongly that Mother Nature comes up with much more bizarre stuff than we ever could. Here are just a few of Earth's weirder wonders.

Mono Lake, California


Stars Turning 50 in 2011

Stars Turning 50 in 2011
 From the most powerful person in the world, to Hollywood’s most die-hard bachelor, to the youngest “Brady Bunch” star, several well-known figures will push past the half-century mark in 2011. So get ready to wish the following folks happy 50th.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Top 2011 Destinations

Where will you be going in the next 12 months? We’ve scoured the globe and come up with our 18 favorite destinations to visit in 2011. Happy New Year, fellow travelers!

South Africa


New TV series for 2011


Twitter celebrity death rumors


The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces


Paul McCartney & Heather Mills 

Celebrity divorces are big business. Tabloids voraciously cover them. Fans hungrily follow them. Lawyers and business managers protectively orchestrate them. And they certainly are common. Last year alone saw the breakups of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, and Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.

10 Cars To Look For In Detroit

 These are some of the most exciting automotive debuts of the year--and the place to see them is the Detroit Auto Show. Vehicles are listed in alphabetical order.