Lives Saved by A Cellphone
Lives Saved by A Cellphone. Mobile phones are good for more than just texting, chatting and playing addictive games. You never know when you might need to place a call from the bottom of a tree well, like James Drummond recently did. Get his story and more examples of lifesaving cells.

Royal Wedding Reactions
Royal Wedding Reactions. While many of us here in the United States were sleeping soundly, Prince William and his lady Kate Middleton were getting hitched at Westminster Abbey. It seems that the whole world is obsessed with the royal wedding, and celebrities are no exception. Click through to see which stars have been tweeting up a storm about the wedding of the century.

April news quiz
April news quiz. The tornadoes that struck several southern states and left hundreds dead, and the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William are the biggest news stories of April, but there are many others. See if you remember the details.

How famous couples met
How famous couples met. From royal weddings to stolen smooches to crossword puzzle proposals, romance is in the air. To celebrate, we're taking a look at the blissful beginnings -- some passionate, some controversial -- of several famous couples.

April quotables
April quotables. From birth certificates, to soap operas, to natural disasters — see which sound bites and snippets made big headlines this month.

April 2011 product recalls
April 2011 product recalls. This month, products in your lunchbox, nursery and garage may have been recalled. Find out which goods didn't make the grade in April.

Celebrity kids who followed in their parents’ footsteps
In their parents’ footsteps. Today is Take Your Child to Work Day. In celebration, let's take a look at some famous offspring following the same career paths as their parents.

Weirdest inventions
Super Smart Boot
Ever wish you could test your blood pressure while walking and measuring the amount of radiation in the air? Look no more, because the Super Smart Boot, as well as what could be the world's fastest shrimp peeler, was recently unveiled at the International Invention Exhibition. Check out these other weird inventions -- they just might solve some of the world's problems.

3D Photos of Famous Places 
 What if we collect a lot of photos of famous places and make a common picture? Swiss Corinne Vayonnet gathered on the internet amateur photo and made the joint picture of each place.

Himeji Castle, Japan

Where are they now? No. 1 Draft Picks
Where are they now? No. 1 Draft Picks. Do you remember Auburn’s two-sport phenom, running back Bo Jackson, running circles around every player in the SEC? Or how about "The Juice," who established himself at USC as one of the best college running backs ever. He was then picked in the first round of the NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills. Both of these athletes were both No.1 draft picks. So where are they now?

Bizarre world records
Bizarre world records. One second was all it took to capture a world record. Standing side-by-side, jammed like sardines, participants made history recently for the most people inside a soap bubble. Check out other strange world records.

Billboard Latin Music Awards Nominees
The Billboard Latin Music Awards are scheduled during the same week as Billboard Latin Music Conference, presented by State Farm in association with AT&T. So nominees are...

Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture
To create this amazing sculpture that is a reflection of all the characters of San Francisco, the author spent 35 years and 100,000 toothpicks. Now the author presents his work in various cities in the exhibitions, and its completion is still.

Billionaires in the making
Billionaires in the making. These days everybody’s talking about this youngest self-made billionaire. But check out some of the talented folks who are hot on his heels.

Best one-liners form movies
Best one-liners form movies. With the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the screen, we got to thinking about his greatest movie lines — when he said "I'll be back," he meant it. Branching out from there, you don't have to have total recall to remember some of these memorable movie zingers and the actors who made them famous.

powerful women in politics
powerful women in politics. Health care reform has been a battleground in Congress and will soon land in the Supreme Court, where its constitutionality will be determined. Among the justices who will hear the case are three powerful women. Read more about these and other powerful women in politics.

Celebrity real estate
Celebrity real estate. From a reality TV host's house in Studio City, Calif., to a rocker's oceanfront home, California real estate is changing hands.

Creative way to transport sperm
One of Europe's largest sperm banks Nordisk Cryobank has found a comfortable and environmentally friendly way to transport the hereditary material in a clinic for artificial insemination. All employees were given such bikes, complete with cryochamber.

Driving distractions to avoid
 Driving distractions to avoid. You might be surprised at how many everyday actions can lead to car accidents. And because April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month, we take a look at some of the most dangerous driving disturbances to avoid.

Fastest MLB pitchers
Fastest MLB pitchers. The reigning king among MLB flamethrowers, Aroldis Chapman almost eclipsed his own record recently, but the pitch was controversial. The heat's going up as the 2011 season gains momentum, but can this year's aces top the fastest pitchers of all time?

Party songs
Party songs. It's National Karaoke Week ― time to get up and sing! Whether at a bar or a private party, find out which tunes sound great even with so-so crooners belting them out.

Sports record holders & chasers
Sports record holders & chasers. Scandals aside, including this recent outburst, athletes across all genres continue to accomplish amazing athletic feats and have the records to prove it. We take a look at some of the top record holders in sports history and the players attempting to break them.

Top group-buying sites
We hope your bargain-hunting urge isn't quelled yet, because group-buying websites have launched a worldwide Internet craze. Online shoppers can't get enough of getting more for a whole lot less. With tens of thousands of subscribers and growing, business is booming. The idea is simple: Provide your email address, receive emails with deals of the day, and click "buy" if you like it. Read on for a complete guide to the top group deal-getting sites around.

Movie curses
Movie curses. The scary-looking "Apollo 18" movie takes on an urban legend surrounding the canceled lunar mission. From untimely deaths to unexplained events, we found other movies with spooky curses, connections and rumors.

Actors and historical characters
Actors and historical characters. We’re all intrigued by the lives of history’s most famous people, and so is Hollywood. John Travolta is the latest star to take on a historical role as a notorious American mobster. Check out this list of actors and actresses who dared to imitate real-life characters.

New species found
 New species found. The hundreds of animals listed on the federal endangered list take center stage on this Earth Day. But scientists are also discovering new animal species every year. From a fanged frog to a carnivorous sea sponge, check out these new and recently discovered species from around the world.

Endangered species
Endangered species. While protection for endangered wolves is still in question, a rare aquatic insect was denied endangered species protection this month. Its declining population is said to be related to fast-disappearing glaciers at a national park. On this Earth Day, we take a look at some animal species that have long been on the critical list.

The strangest ways to smoke
These guys just do not take imagination. They will find any way to heal. Creative devices for smoking marijuana.

Great Religion Films
In the spirit of Passover and Easter observances this week, let's take a look at the best movies featuring religious subjects and themes. Some are even recommended by the Vatican. Here's our list of the top 10.

zeta-jones opens up
Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has opened up about her battle with bipolar disorder to encourage other sufferers to get help. The 42-year-old recently spent five days at the Silver Hill psychiatric hospital in Connecticut for treatment for the condition, which is characterised by long periods of depression and bursts of mania.

 Tim Robbins in mourning
Actor and director Tim Robbins, 52, is in double mourning. Robbins’ mother, musician Mary Robbins, 78, died heart arrhythmia on Sunday; her husband of 59 years, musician Gil Robbins, 80, died 12 days earlier of prostate cancer.

lohan gotti

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lohan gotti
Just days after Lindsay Lohan, 24, appeared at a press conference for the film, "Gotti" producers said she's no longer in talks for the role she was expected to get. After negotiating with producers herself, Lohan was given another role that was once rumored to be offered to another star.

10 most visited national parks
10 most visited national parks. In 2010, more than 281 million people visited America's 58 national parks, according to the National Park Service. To celebrate National Park Week, scroll through our slideshow highlighting the natural beauty preserved within the 10 most visited parks -- as well as the hidden gems that draw the fewest visitors.

Icons of Baseball
 Icons of Baseball. With baseball season now in full swing, some players are stamping their identities as the next icons in baseball’s long history of great players. We check in with some famous players from yesterday and today.

Inspirational Facebook stories
With millions of users, the largest social networking site, Facebook, is great for connecting with friends, planning parties and staying in touch. But some people, such as a Michigan man who found an organ donor through the site, have had their lives touched in profound ways. Scroll down  to read about his and other inspirational Facebook stories.

Currencies of the world
Currencies of the world. Is the love of it the root of all evil, or is it simply a unit of exchange? Is it strictly business or just a game? Join our celebration of National Coin Week with a look at currency around the world.

Easter candy favorites
Easter candy favorites. If you’re like us, it’s hard to imagine Easter without marshmallow treats, bunny-shaped sweets and cream-filled eggs. Did you know the holiday is the second-biggest time of year for candy sales?

Lady Gaga Copies Stars
As it turns out, their extravagant costumes Gaga copies of past performances of the stars. Here is some comparisons Lady Gaga with other stars.

Sued celebrities
Sued celebrities. Stars are often targets of lawsuits, and it’s up to the courts to determine their validity. The accusations include harassment, failure to pay bills and other no-nos.

couple appreciation month

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couple appreciation month
Favorite TV couples. In honor of Couple Appreciation Month, we’re taking a look at the small-screen duos whose romances have inspired us over the years. From UFO-chasing FBI agents to a cartoon couple from Springfield, see if your favorites are on the list.

Favorite TV couples
Favorite TV couples. In honor of Couple Appreciation Month, we’re taking a look at the small-screen duos whose romances have inspired us over the years. From UFO-chasing FBI agents to a cartoon couple from Springfield, see if your favorites are on the list.