VIP Accident in Monaco

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VIP Accident in Monaco
"Doroguschy" accident happened in Monaco. Suffered: Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes. A girl driving a Bentley, is likely to mix up the pedals and got into such trouble. At first she ran into Aston Martin, and then in the Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche.

The Procession Of Zombies

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 Russian The Procession Of Zombies.

How to Cook a Delicious Dinner

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How to cook a delicious dinner, with only a packet of seeds? Do not want to disclose the secrets of fasting. Buy a package of sunflower seeds.

china wendi deng tiger wife murdoch
China wendi deng tiger wife murdoch. China wendi deng tiger wife murdoch- Rupert Murdoch was attacked by a man trying to shove a cream pie in his face as the NewsCorp chairman was being grilled by the British Parliament’s culture committee on Tuesday.The phone hacking scandal that has embroiled Rupert Murdoch and put in question his running of the media empire that is NewsCorp took an unexpected turn around 12:00 PM New York time, as Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici reported in his live blog of the session. See the footage below.
The pie-throwing attacker is a comedian who calls himself Jonnie Marbles, according to The Telegraph.

Celebrities Married Non-Celebrities

Celebrities married non-celebrities. As we've said before, being a celebrity means you can get with whoever you want. People just wanna get up in your famous junk. Even though these people could get with whoever they want, they decided that non-famous people were better than famous people. Kudos to them! And kudos to the regular people for showing us that dreams can come true.

Bear Against a Man Boxing. In 1949 conducted a match between a bear and man (boxer Gus Uoldorfom). Of course, the bear was trained, and staging the match, or not be good for the boxer.

 Mysterious Forest
Even the name conjures up images of ancient people, elves, wizards and hobbits. Once there, you can easily think that you are lost somewhere in Middle Earth.

Dogs Sweethoots hats. Interesting hoots hats for your loving dogs.