Dogs and their owners

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Dogs and their owners, When you see a tall, slim with long red hair woman walking with a golden Rottweiler, you can smile thinking about how they look alike. And it's not an accident. Pets, especially dogs, often look like their owners. This ridiculous phenomenon inspired to write books, hold competitions and even researches.

Animals in advertisements, Interesting collection of animals in advertisements pictures. So Enjoy......

Interesting Pencil Art Animals Drawings

 Interesting pictures of an artist who love to drawing animals

Embarrassing Moments Caught on Tape
When Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were brutally mocked last week by two Philadelphia news anchors, they took it with good grace.

Strange football match in Turkey, The other day in Turkey was a very interesting match of the national championship in football, which is visited by 41 000 spectators. It seems to be nothing special teams, "Fenerbahce" and "Manisaspor" worthy played 2 times.

You do not notice anything strange?

Yes, in the stands there were only women and young children, your eyes will not bring you:) Turkish Football Association was approved by the law that men can not attend matches in which their team participates. Too violent, they:)

Misheard music lyrics

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Misheard music lyrics
Misheard music lyrics, Misunderstood song lyrics. With the often fast-talking Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album release, we were reminded of songs we've sung forever, only to find out we've been belting out the wrong lyrics. Did you know this phenomenon actually has a name? Misheard lyrics are called mondegreens. Read on to see some of the most common mondegreens to top the music charts.

Best National Geographic Pictures.

Unsolved celebrity murders
Unsolved celebrity murders. Fourteen years ago today, hip-hop lost an icon when the Notorious B.I.G. also known by his real name, or other aliases — was killed in an L.A. drive-by shooting. Some believed the murder was linked to a growing feud. A new investigation was recently launched.

The most-dangerous celebs on the Web

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The most-dangerous celebs on the Web,  What's the matter with Jessica Biel? McAfee, the anti-virus software maker, is out with its third annual list of the most dangerous names to search on the web, and reports that if you Google "Jessica Biel screensavers" (or Yahoo or Bing it), almost half the downloads you could click on will try to deposit malware (viruses, pop-up ads, spyware, etc.) in your computer. most dangerous celebrities web,

Spongebob fight

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Spongebob fight Game

I wanna bathe like you

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I wanna bathe like you. Joe the adorable baby gorilla splashes around during bathtime. Joe rolls around in the tub during the heartwarming Pathe footage taken in 1967.

Guinness World Records 2012, Look through images of the biggest, fastest, longest, weirdest and wackiest record breakers from the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records.

Sleeping dogs lie: This cute pup fell asleep in a wicker basket. After a busy day spent trying to catch their own tail, the cat next door or the postman, sometimes there's nothing else a puppy wants to catch but 40 winks.
And as these pictures show, it really is a good thing to let sleeping dogs die.

I think I'll have the fish for lunch: Praying mantis tucks into goldfish after LIFTING it out of bowl. Mmm that looks tasty: The praying mantis looks down into the fish bowl and spies the goldfish. This huge praying mantis managed to lift a dead goldfish out of it's bowl - and eat it for lunch.

Illuminati New World Order

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Illuminati New World Order
Illuminati New World Order. Before knowing about Illuminaties, it is important to know little bit about freemasonry, because both are inter-related and knowing the freemasonry is the key to learning about Illuminati. You must have heard that the biggest rite of freemasonry is known as 33 degrees-also known Scottish Rite- the highest rank in the free-mason ladder.The name Scottish Rite came from a place in the north side of British Isles, where many of Templars settled at the period of Philippe. Freemasonry is just another name of Templars and they have two main streams- one is Scottish Rite, which has been mentioned already, and the other is York Rite. It is believed that New York was named after this York Rite, but incidentally New York is the heart of Freemasonry in United States. According to many researchers, it is said that the Priory of Sion took control over both the rites- Scottish and York- from Templars and later they founded French Freemasonry.

Though there is no evidence if this story is true or not, but one thing is true that in the end you will find that at the highest level of this organization they seem to be from the same organization. Still, the degrees of York Rite indicate the influence of Templars. For example, top Scottish rite degree is called Knights Templar Degree, and the next highest is Knights of Malta, followed by Red Cross degree. Above these mentioned degrees, there is also one more degree-the illuminati- which is the highest, and only a few selective people can achieve it. Thus, the title illuminati tells us it is all about the rank of a few powerful elites chosen over a number of elites. Ironically, the majority of the Freemasons never reach even above the last three degrees of freemasonry-they are just being used as a scapegoat to hide the real agenda of the illuminati. So, you can easily guess that illuminaties are the

How Illuminati Society was founded- in 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of University of Ingolstadt founded the Order of Illuminati in the hope of an enlightenment period for our society. Initially, the illuminati members were mainly secularists, freethinkers, and supporters of feminism.  They used to recruit their members from various Masonic lodges in Germany, perhaps this way masons are related to this secretive society. But in 1785, the illuminati society was infiltrated by the government of Charles Theodore, Bavaria, because the govt. believed that illuminaties were a threat to their monarchy.

Illuminati Protocol
Over two centuries ago, top European bankers made the master plan for controlling the world. The name illuminati refer to someone who is illuminated and truly these people are illuminated with knowledge and the question is their knowledge and plan is good for us or bad for us.  Actually, if you see their plan you will feel that illuminati’s are the most benevolent and moral people of this planet. Underneath this plan lies some hidden agenda which has a plan to control.

our planet earth and its people like slaves, without letting them know that they are slaves. Can you imagine how intelligent they are? Surly illuminaties are talented persons powered by negative ideas.
What is Pax Concordat: to understand illuminati’s one need to know about Pax Concordant. It is a basically a peace treaty among many secrets societies of the past, currently known as illuminati. It also has some guidelines which every illuminati must follow.  This concordant is an encoded with secret passages that can be decoded only by an illuminati Bishop. And this concordant is kept in a tome in every Basilica of this society. One of the most common rules of Pax Concordant, which is applicable to every illuminati member, is that no member can ever reveal the existence of their society to the outside world- this code of conduct is known as Secretum and this is the most steadfast rule. Any breaching of this law will result in painful death.

Another important concordant rule is Principalis, which states that conspiracy comes first. This rule clearly says that if illuminates have a choice between extending the conspiracy and some other goals, then all the members must prioritize on conspiracy.
Principalis: The first priority is the Conspiracy. All other duties, whether personal or the work of the Societies is secondary. This rule basically states that if there is a choice between furthering the Conspiracy and other possible goals, that the Conspiracy comes first. In practice, the Societies rarely let anything get away from their own plans and ambitions, even the Conspiracy. Another interesting code of illuminati is Gravitus, which says the use of non-violence as a tool to influence any circumstances for achieving their goal. That is why illuminati actions do not get much attention, because normally violence gets more attention than any other means to influence anything. As a controlling tool to influence anything, illuminaties take the path of bribery, blackmail, brainwashing, influencing mass media to control public opinion etc…I guess now you start getting the more clear view of the motives of illuminates.

Illuminati Conspiracies
Actually new world order is a part of their conspiracy and the most important as well. All of illuminati conspiracies are, in fact, a list of goals for which this secret society is working for. All its members believe that they need to reach their goals at any cost, thus what is known as goals to illuminaties are known to us as conspiracy. It’s all about change of perspective. They never view their goals will conspire all human, rather they just thing of their world revolving around their society and trying to achieve it, no matter how dangerous means they need to take for it. Some main goals or conspiracy of illuminaties are:
  • Ending the supernatural dominance in our life.
  • Completely control the situation of earthy life
  • Raise the level of human intelligence through enlightenment.
Now, if you look at the three goals, they seem to appear very much pro-human. But look at the second goal, this one is related to the one world order. To control the situation of earthy life does not mean that  we ourselves will control every aspect of our life, instead Illuminaties will control it even without letting us developing our own understanding that we are being controlled by someone else-what a master plan!
What is New World Order?
According to conspiracy theory, new world order is an political agenda of many powerful elite societies of the world including illuminates, in order to take the total control of our world through various secretive plans and programs and many of their plans are in effect in today’s world-we just don’t see it because many of the illuminati plans are wrapped under humanitarian values. The main purpose of New World Order is to establish a one world government by replacing the sovereign states and to eliminate the world-wide conflicts of power. To establish a new world government, there is no better idea to promote the agenda of globalization and to bring peace for the world. If your see carefully in the recent international and political environments you will find how slowly and effectively changes are occurring around us and most of us simply fail to realize what actually the hidden agenda is because the prosperity and peace is the cover-up being used by illuminati.

Agenda of New World Order
What illuminati want is the control; this is even visible in every layer of the society. Everybody wants control. So, why not illuminati, perhaps, they want the control in global scale. Actually, this world is being controlled under some under some, and so on. We all are under the spiral of controls. As far as new world order agendas are concerned, it has some basic plans which will certainly curb our freedom as human being.  New world order trying to impose:
  • A centralized  world government
  • One world army
  • A centrally controlled banking system and electronic currency
  • Micro chipped everyone of this world
  • Controlled population
Population control agenda will take care of limiting the size of world populations along with controlling their every activity by a central monitoring system. Only by implanting microchip in everyone’s body, one can monitor every human action- this is why in much recent news you will find much news about the advantage of micro chipped population.
Though the term “new world order” been used in a number  of times by many renowned political leaders including Winston Churchill, but it has become more official and got more attention during a congressional speech of George. H.W. Bush, September 11, 1990, known as toward a new world order, where he described his objectives for the global dominance and directions for establishing global government. The key points of the speech were:
  • The gulf war was a good reminder of that the US must lead the world and military strength really matters a lot for world peace. With the emergence of new world order the military power will get less importance in future.
  • Soviet and US need to strengthen their partnership and co-operation for building a safer world.
  • UN security council reformation was also considered as a part of new world order.
You can learn about the speech of “toward new world order” in Wikipedia

Pat Robertson in his book “The New World Oder” states that Wall Street, the Bilderbergers, the Federal Reserve, CFR, Trilateral commission are just the functional body of new world order, who control many world events under disguise for creating the platform of world government conducive for Antichrist.
So, the theory of conspiracy we hear about illuminati and their agenda of new world order might be realistic, at least a closer look of the incidents of the recent past tells us something fishy going around us such as 911 incident truth movement, European Union. You can find many fascinating story about 9-11 indent, read it carefully and use your own judgment to draw conclusions about anything, do not be news feed by mass media. For world domination many secret groups are working and promoting their agenda, let it be in the name of terrorism or in the name of peace. What if one day if you find the very same people are promoting both peace and terrorism, at least I won’t be surprised? Keep your eyes open for important international decision making and secret gathering. If you think anyone is going to save you country or world you are wrong, it you and always you who need to learn and educate yourself. If you do so, on one can fool you in the name of hidden agenda. Finally, what are the known story we have about illuminati and new world order or one world government are all based on some kind speculations based on some specific facts related to important world events, nobody has any proof or hard evidence against the conspiracy theories swirling around the concept of one world government-only time will let us see what’s next.
Note:This hub is based on the available information in Internet about Illuminati, which may or may not be true because it is just a conspiracy theory about illuminates.

Marriott millionaire's son wins big lottery

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Marriott millionaire's son wins big lottery
Marriott millionaire's son wins big lottery. Sometimes you need family to keep you grounded. Brian McCarthy discovered that when he shared some big news with his grandmother. The 25-year-old McLean man had just discovered on Facebook that his Mega Millions ticket matched all six numbers in the July 1 drawing. He had won the jackpot worth an estimated $107 million.“That’s wonderful,” his grandmother replied. “You deserve it. Can I make you a grilled cheese sandwich?”

Funny pictures of fat people with big bellies.

Microspider could swim in body & fix blood vessels
Microspider could swim in body & fix blood vessels. A spider-like micromachine could be used to swim through the body and repair blood vessels, researchers say. The tiny microspider could also be used to administer medication and even scrape plaque from arterial walls.

FDA approves new lice treatment

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FDA approves new lice treatment
FDA approves new lice treatment. It's the Tuesday after Labor Day and today marks the first day of school for millions of students around the US. Therefore today also marks the beginning of those pesky school-time ills that plague our children. Head lice is among the worst parasites kids can encounter. Head lice are hard to kill and more persistent than wildfire. Typically forcing parents to wash everything their child owns or has possibly come in contact with.

Giant Golden Eye diamond to be auctioned

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Giant Golden Eye diamond to be auctioned
Giant Golden Eye diamond to be auctioned. A large yellow diamond seized in a federal drug and money laundering investigation in Ohio is going on the auction block with a minimum starting bid of $900,000.The U.S. Marshals Service's online auction of the 43.51-carat Golden Eye diamond will begin Tuesday and continue until Thursday afternoon.

Arizona to charge to visit inmates

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Arizona to charge to visit inmates
Arizona to charge to visit inmates. If you come from a poor family and are going to get arrested, make sure it's not in Arizona. New legislation, believed to be the first of its kind, allows the Arizona Department of Corrections to shake down charge adults twenty-five dollars each for the right to visit inmates at any of the state's fifteen prison complexes. These one-off penal paywalls were instituted under the pretext of using the extra money for background checks, but the Arizona Senate's chief of staff, Wendy Baldo, said the proceeds would help defray a $1.6 billion shortfall, and actually go into a fund for prison maintenance and repairs.
The correlation between low morale and violence is not a mystery, so this punishing of innocent visitors could backfire in that sense. Friends and family of inmates who already pay the expenses for long trips to visit, and often have low-income jobs, might just stop coming. It's not surprising to learn that Governor Brewer's chief of staff worked as a private prison lobbyist. Maybe they could also start charging visitors to use the bathroom and then hit them with an exit fee.

Tom Brady talks Randy Moss

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Tom Brady talks Randy Moss
Tom Brady talks Randy Moss. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Tuesday morning denied a CBS Sports report that he had a confrontation with receiver Randy Moss in the week leading up to the receiver's trade to Minnesota."No, certainly not," Brady said during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "I don't know why these things come about, but they do. I think it's just a competitive media culture out there now. I love [Moss] as a person and a player. I don't think I ever had an altercation with a teammate. You demand a certain level of respect in the locker room, that's the culture of our team. I don't think I've seen any players in our locker room fight, that's just not the way it is."

6-year-old saves grandfather's life

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6-year-old saves grandfather's life
6-year-old saves grandfather's life. 6 year old saves grandfather’s life – A 6-year-old made the right call and saves his grandfather’s life. Zack Powers found his grandfather on the floor in diabetic shock. Zack picked up the phone and called for help. Now his grandfather is calling him a hero.Zack said to the operator:“My papa, he’s stuck and I can’t get him up. He’s all sweaty and stuff.”

"Sons of Anarchy" returns
"Sons of Anarchy" returns. The FX biker drama "Sons of Anarchy" returns for a new season at 9 p.m. Tuesday (September 6), and its verisimilitude has never seemed stronger. The way story lines illuminate the interior drama of life in an outlaw gang place the series among TV's best.
Its steel-strong performances -- by leads Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman, but also by a large cast of utterly believable supporting actors -- make the show relatable even to viewers who've never contemplated biker life.

Carla Bruni talks about her pregnancy
 Carla Bruni talks about her pregnancy. Carla Bruni Talks About Her Pregnancy, The First Lady of France confided about her pregnancy in her first interview about the pregnancy, which aired Sunday in the September program TF1 A Huit.

Giant crocodile captured alive

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Giant crocodile captured alive
Giant crocodile captured alive. Villagers and veteran hunters have captured a one-ton saltwater crocodile which they plan to make the star of a planned ecotourism park in a southern Philippine town, an official said Monday.Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde said dozens of villagers and experts ensnared the 21-foot (6.4-meter) male crocodile along a creek in Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province after a three-week hunt. It could be one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive in recent years, he said, quoting local crocodile experts.

Carol Burnett returns to 'All My Children'
Carol Burnett returns to 'All My Children'. Carol Burnett has been a long-time fan of "All My Children" - so much so that creator/writer Agnes Nixon created a role for Burnett almost 30 years ago. Verla Grubbs made her debut in April 1983 as the long-lost Langley Wallingford (the late Louis Edmonds) who caused trouble for her stepmother Phoebe Tyler-Wallingford (the late Ruth Warrick). Burnett appeared multiple times on the show in the early 1980s.

Sumatra Earthquake

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Sumatra Earthquake
Sumatra Earthquake. This event has been reviewed by a seismologist. 

Japan Typhoon Leaves At Least 20 Dead, 50 Missing
Japan Typhoon Leaves At Least 20 Dead, 50 Missing. TOKYO -- A typhoon that pummeled western Japan left at least 20 people dead and more than 50 missing Sunday, after swollen rivers swept away buildings and landslides crushed houses.

Rachel Zoe on New Baby Skyler
Rachel Zoe on New Baby Skyler. Another season of The Rachel Zoe Project, another new assistant. After amicably parting ways with Brad one year ago, fashion maven Rachel Zoe kicks off Season 4 (premiering Tuesday at 10/9c on Bravo) with a surprising revelation: She and Brad are on the outs. She says he poached clients behind her back after he left. "It's not the first time I've been used. I would say it's going to be the last time, though" Zoe says.Rachel Zoe welcomes baby boy

Anthony michael hall arrested

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Anthony michael hall arrested
Anthony michael hall arrested. Actor Anthony Michael Hall - star of "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club" and "National Lampoon's Vacation" - celebrated Labor Day by attacking plants and threatening his neighbor. He was arrested Monday night on suspicion of disturbing the peace, according to L.A. Now.Hall allegedly "tore up plants in a common area" of the condominium where he resides. A neighbor approached Hall after hearing the commotion, inquiring about his peculiar actions. Hall's response allegedly included an obscenity, and he threatened to “beat him to a pulp," the neighbor told LAPD Pacific Division.

celebrities favorite books 2011
celebrities favorite books 2011. To honor National Read a Book Day, we take a look at the favorite books of famous people – from musicians and actors to business leaders and politicians.

Unusual dental clinic

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 Unusual dental clinic. For all hot rod lovers, A new dental clinic is open for you.

2011 Burning Man festival in Nevada
Burning Man 2011 "Rites of Passage" arts & music festival held in Nevada. A woman riding in an outrigger aboard a music camp art car playing dance music fires a flame cannon over the heads of Burning Man participants as they dance in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in the early hours of the morning after midnight during the Burning Man 2011 "Rites of Passage" arts and music festival in Nevada September 2, 2011. More than 50,000 people from all over the world have gathered at the sold-out festival which is celebrating its 25th year.

Chinese Girl, Four, Drives Along Motorway
Chinese Girl, Four, Drives Along Motorway. Video footage of a young girl driving a car along a busy motorway has been posted on the internet.

Insects looking like alien creatures.

James Bond 23 to film in India

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James Bond 23 to film in India
James Bond 23 to film in India. After shooting in exotic locales across the globe, the world’s most famous spy has taken a fancy to desi destinations like the humble Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi and relatively unknown Navagam town near Ahmedabad. Other possible locations that the latest James Bond flick could be shot in include the sun-kissed beaches of Goa and business hub Mumbai.The I&B ministry has given permission to India Take One Productions to shoot the latest Bond film. ‘Bond 23′ is likely to be shot at the cheek-by-jowl streets of Daryaganj, Sarojini Nagar market and Ansari Road in Delhi. The film, to be directed by Sam Mendes, will be released in 2012. This also marks the 50th anniversary of the successful ‘Dr No’ and the Bond franchise.

Oscar de la hoya admits drag photos 2011

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Oscar de la hoya admits drag photos 2011
Oscar de la hoya admits drag photos 2011. Oscar De La Hoya Admits to Cocaine Use, Thoughts of Suicide.

Dominos Pizza On The Moon

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Dominos Pizza On The Moon
Dominos Pizza On The Moon. Domino's pizza has announced plans to conquer the final frontier by opening the first pizza restaurant on the Moon. Domino's Japanese arm has proposed a branch on Earth's nearest galactic neighbour is the latest escalation in a pizza publicity war.

Jack The Ripper Face

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Jack The Ripper Face
Jack The Ripper Face. Jack the Ripper's face revealed 120 years on. The face of Jack the Ripper has been pieced together by Scotland Yard experts from evidence left by the Victorian killer.

Mel Gibson Settlement

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Mel Gibson Settlement
Mel Gibson Settlement. Mel Gibson Settles Child-Custody Case for $750K; Earlier Offer of $16M Reportedly Rejected.

Most successful people over 80

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Most successful people over 80
Most successful people over 80. Most successful 80-somethings. Investor Warren Buffett and legendary talk show host Regis Philbin recently turned 80 years old. In honor of their becoming octogenarians, we look at some of the best-known and successful 80-somethings. warren buffett, regis philbin, octogenarian

Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact

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Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact
Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact. Mel Gibson Settles Child-Custody Case for $750K; Earlier Offer of $16M Reportedly Rejected.