We just gave major props to the hottest celebrity moms but there are certain stars who we’re hoping NEVER become moms. It’s not that these celebs would be responsible for a living being, just the idea of them contributing back into the gene pool makes us a little uneasy.

Lady Gaga loves her “little monsters” but having an actual human baby? The amount of spandex and glitter in her life would qualify as child endangerment!
Ignoring the fact that Mary-Kate Olson is herself infant-sized, her baubles and rings = major choking hazard. We don’t think she’d be down for spit-up on her $400 t-shirts.
Amy Winehouse. Enough said.
Kelly Osbourne has cleaned up her act quite a bit, but we can’t imagine the Prince of Darkness as a grandfather!
Dina Lohan did a *great* job raising Lindsay, and we have a feeling the parenting apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree..
Unless her baby has fast enough reflexes to dodge cell phones, it’s probably best Naomi Campbell not have children!
Paris is already a fan of accessory-sized puppies, but since you can’t carry a baby around in your purse, she shouldn’t have any.
We’d love to watch Mischa on Real Housewives of the OC, but it seems cruel to wish a lifetime of therapy on her potential offspring. She’s got way too much baggage to be toting around babies.
What if she can’t shoplift enough formula?? A child needs more stability, Winona!