Weird College Classes

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It's that time of year when bright young minds start to fill college campuses with their backpacks filled and pencils sharpened. Instead of such chestnuts as Psych 101 and Intro to Spanish, their class schedules are now just as likely to include The Psychology of Facebook, Intro to Reality TV and even dance classes held at the local laundromat.

College kids these days have the freedom to really explore their passions, no matter how far-fetched or obscure they may seem. Before you go taking out a second mortgage just to pay tuition, check out some of these "non-traditional" courses and degrees being offered in today's halls of higher ed.

Philosophy of Ufology
First, wrap your mind around the fact that "ufology" is a word. There are no prerequisites for this humanities course, save for a belief that we are not alone in the universe. Star-gazers not content to just take an intro course can head to Australia, where they
can earn a Ph.D. in E.T.

They say "You are what you eat." So, why should it be a shock that academics are studying zombies in Alabama? The brain-gobbling ghouls of film fame apparently have ties in ancient and classic literature. Check out where the class takes its outings, what they have for snack and their version of extra-curricular activities.

History of Furniture
If you fancy French country, or want to delve deeper into divans, pull up a chair at this seminar. The course preps students for further explorations into this field.

Tree Climbing
Sure, adolescents have been doing it for centuries, but there is an art to climbing trees. At least, that's what this New York school is professing at its institute (watch videos). You can learn everything from rappelling to rescuing, all with a bird's-eye view. The PE course even takes a tropical class trip.

The Joy of Garbage
This environmental science course ranges from the reason garbage stinks to weightier issues. You can probably guess where their field trips are held. We're assuming all those term papers and course packets are appropriately recycled when the semester's over.

The Science of 'Harry Potter'
Professor George Plitnik -- inspired by this author and, of course, this one -- applies real-life physics to the magical world of Quidditch and flying broomsticks (watch movie clips). No, this isn't all taking place at Hogwarts; it's an honors course offered in Maryland.

The Art of Walking
This philosophy class uses a major 18th century mind as its muse. The general gist seems to be thinking and walking -- deep thought and conversation, while roaming hither and yon. Homework includes freelance-walking assignments. Here's hoping financial aid covers comfy shoes.

Maple Syrup: The Real Thing
Long before there were roadside pancake chains, there were syrup crafters. Time-tested production methods, the sweet liquid's many uses and visits to sweet-centric festivals are all a part of an honors course at this upstate New York school with more than a few freewheelin', far-out classes.

Learning From YouTube
How meta is this? Southern California students come together to discuss YouTube videos, and then post their discussions on the online video channel. One would imagine it's like this show, only without the laugh track and commercial breaks.

Arguing with Judge Judy
Don't be so quick to judge those 20-somethings watching TV in the middle of the day. If they're enrolled here, they may be doing homework. Instead of merely laughing at the ridiculous cousin vs. cousin squabbles, on the agitated arbitrator's show -- and others like it -- those couch potatoes might actually be researching logical fallacies.

Bowling Industry Management
There's so much more to working in a bowling alley than just disinfecting tacky shoes and mopping up beer spills. This two-year school teaches would-be kingpins the finer points of lane maintenance, customer service and first aid (bowling can get cutthroat). Sound dull? Well, that's only because you're not up on the latest in pinspotters and mill drills.

Muppet Magic
Students attend lectures on Kermit, Miss Piggy and, of course, the genius behind those hand-held stars of the big and little screen. The course discusses how the fuzzy puppets went from kids' fare to adult-friendly comedy and assigns some pretty entertaining homework

Tae Kwon Do
Sure, New York college kids can earn a belt in a recreational club. But if they want a master's or a Ph.D. in the martial art, they should head East. Some of the professions students pursue range from teaching to protecting.