Reality television has given us some of the greatest moments in TV history, yet some of it sticks with us for all the wrong reasons ("The Littlest Groom," anyone?). These are our picks for the best and worst of the bunch

'The Real World'
"This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house ..." Some say those words -- from "The Real World: New York" -- spawned reality TV as we know it today. It launched the career of this MTV host, and one of its cast members recently ran for Congress. A cast member from this season just won his Republican primary.

'The Amazing Race'
Sure, it lost this year's Emmy to this show after a seven-year winning streak, but the around-the-world competition (videos) is as popular as ever. A painful-to-watch scene from this season is an Internet sensation.

'American Idol'
The groundbreaking singing competition (videos) that gave us this breakaway star and this reality show diva also unleashed William Hung and this catchy tune on the world. A major shakeup means new faces in the judges' seats this season.

The naked one. The not-so-dead grandma. The beard. The campfire incident. "Survivor" viewers have seen their share of memorable moments over the show's 21 seasons. What famous coach was a contestant this season?

The simple premise of following officers on their beats has resulted in one of the longest-running reality series in TV history.

'Dancing With the Stars'
The show boogied into its 11th season (videos) with an all-new celebrity cast. Previous season favorites have included an NFL legend, a moon-walking astronaut and a '90s sitcom star.

'Top Chef'
The Bravo network's culinary competition show took home this award this year, ending this show's seven-year win streak. This former model has hosted the show since Season 2.

'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'
This manic host, who got his start on this show, has been building homes and shouting this phrase since 2003 with the help of volunteers and a rotating cast of designers.

'Temptation Island'
Now that we've looked at the best, it's time to look at the worst reality TV shows. First up is this train wreck. Supposedly devoted couples travel to a tropical island to test their relationships with dozens of hot singles. One couple ends up getting kicked off the island.

'The Swan'
The extreme makeover show pitted two "ugly ducklings" against each other, gave them both a trainer, cosmetic surgery and dental work, and the "winner" moved on to compete in the beauty pageant. One contestant later spoke out against the show.

'Armed & Famous'
Train a former '70s TV star, the sister of a musical legend (and three other "celebs") as police officers with real guns and uniforms? What could possibly go wrong? How long was it on the air?

'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic'
The series -- consisting mainly of home videos -- introduced the world to the then-new couple and Spears' views on time travel. Unfortunately, the relationship only went downhill from there.

'Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?'
These people became household names for getting married on live TV despite having never met. Needless to say, the marriage didn't last, but the wife used her 15 minutes to pose for Playboy. The non-millionaire hubby went on to write a book about his experience.

'Flavor of Love'
Dozens of "ladies" vied for the affection of this clock-wearing rapper during three seasons of this train wreck. The show's star dissed all contestants on the series finale. How many seasons did the show last? One jilted contestant went on to have her own show.

'My Super Sweet 16'
Several celebrity kids were among the spoiled teens filmed by MTV while celebrating their milestone birthdays with outrageous parties. Some got a taste of the not-so-good life on this spin-off.

'Mr. Personality'
A woman had to choose a husband from 20 mask-wearing suitors based solely on his personality. A scandal-plagued former White House intern hosted. Yes, it was as creepy as it sounds.