When it comes to IQs, there's the dull, the genius level and the ridiculously smart. Although renowned brainiac Stephen Hawking has this to say about sharing scores, many famous folk and their fans still obsess about the (real or rumored) results of this French-born intelligence test.
So, which stars reportedly have brainpower to spare?

Quentin Tarantino
The award-winning director traded facts for fiction at an early age, but he is said to keep some pretty cerebral company.

This Colombian superstar is just as famous for her brains as for her hips. She has also shaken up the schools back home.

Ms. Ciccone gave college a shot for a year but moved to New York City for dancing (and doughnuts).

Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Clinton made waves at her alma mater and went on to receive her J.D. from an impressive institution.

Jodie Foster
Foster has worn smarty pants since at least high school. She studied this subject in college and earned top-notch honors.

Nicole Kidman
The Oscar-winning Aussie with genius genes briefly chose to study the arts Down Under, before starting her acting career in earnest.

Steve Martin
Though he proved too wild and crazy for college, Martin eventually made the grade.

Reggie Jackson
The Hall of Famer (known to fans by this nickname) was on a college campus for only one season ... and it wasn't for baseball.

Geena Davis
With an early film title such as this, you might not expect brilliance, but the actress has a degree, plus Dr. Davis status.

John H. Sununu
This former statesman had higher ed all figured out and went on to put his brains to the test.

James Woods
Woods dropped out of this college in order to pursue acting, but his relationship with education continues.