Most Popular & Scariest Celebrities Hairstyles of All Time
 We see lots of beautiful hair in Hollywood. But sometimes a celebrity makes a style decision that makes us do a double take and wonder what he or she was thinking. Here are some discussion-worthy looks. Usually celebs like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez get it right when it comes to red carpet hairstyles, but these mega volume looks are definite don'ts -- sorry girls! Check them out for yourself.

Christina Aguilera

Not that we don't love to see something a little wild and crazy from our pop stars, but we're still not sure exactly what Christina was going for with her choice of this frizzed-out 'do.

Amy Winehouse

The only thing more spectacular than Amy's voice when she burst onto the music scene was the height of her teased-out bouffant. We love big hair, but this is really next level.

Lady Gaga

Oh, the hair bow! You can always count on Gaga to go big and over-the-top. Her hairstyles could have made up this entire slideshow, but the bow may just be my favorite. It's just so perfectly sculpted.


And really, where would Gaga be if ladies like Cher hadn't come before her, wearing crazy hairdos and headdresses? It takes a strong woman to dress like a Vegas showgirl for the Academy Awards, don't you think?

Natalie Portman

This is one shaved head that's easy to explain: It was for the movie V for Vendetta. But seriously, with a face like that, I wouldn't hesitate to shave my head either.
  • Vanessa Williams

    It takes a lot to distract the eyes from a face as gorgeous as Vanessa's. A wild mane is a definite starting point. Doesn't it almost look like a last-minute addition to an otherwise-smooth style?


We love our popstars quirky. But I'm not sure that pinup girl look quite vibes with the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Willow Smith

    What scares me is that someone spends this much time on a 9-year-old's hair. Seriously, she has a different outrageous style almost every single day.
  • Carrot Top

    As a redhead, I usually love my fellow gingers. But the comedian's curls are incredibly disarming.
  • Kate Hudson

    Perhaps Kate was rebelling against the bohemian style of Penny Lane when she showed up at the 2001 Oscars as a nominee for Almost Famous. This look felt more Mae West, but maybe Kate has a thing for westerns that we're not aware of.
  • Katy Perry

    The singer is certainly not known for her subtle style choices, but this blue wig is a lot even for Katy Perry. But to be fair, she does look really cute. We're betting Russell Brand is a fan too.
  • Mena Suvari

    Is it just me or does this hairstyle feel like someone put it on backwards?
  • Juliette Lewis

    Cornrows are not the easiest look to pull off for anyone. And they're definitely not what you expect to see at the Oscars — especially with Brad Pitt on your arm. But quirky Juliette Lewis went for it back in 1992. No word on whether she regrets that move.
  • Sanjaya Malakar

    Never was an American Idol contestant more coiffed than Sanjaya. This mohawk inspired many, many Halloween costumes and parodies.


I was a huge fan of the Louis Vuitton bunny ears when they appeared on the runway a few years ago. And while Madonna can basically pull off any style, this one feels more age-appropriate for someone like Mary-Kate or Ashley
  • Keri Russell

    Call this the haircut that launched a thousand contract clauses. When Keri chopped her hair, the network brass blamed it for a slip in Felicity's ratings ... and even had other actresses on the WB sign paperwork barring them from making drastic appearance changes.

Katherine Heigl

It's hard to say exactly what Katherine used as the inspiration for this look, but I'm sensing that she may have had some June Carter Cash in heavy rotation on her iPod.
  • Kate Gosselin

    One minute you're a reality star with a slew of kids, the next you're at the center of a pop culture hair debate. The mom's short, spiky 'do sparked discussions across America. For the record, I'm glad to see she's moved on to something different.
  • Rachel McAdams

    Who knew that Rachel would be so ahead of trend with her pink highlights? (Pastels showed up on runways like Proenza Schouler soon after.) Not everyone can pull off pink hair, but I'd say she does it perfectly.
  • Axl Rose

    There's something off about the lead singer of Guns N' Roses tying his hair back in multicolored tiny braids. Shouldn't it be swinging around like back in the "Welcome to the Jungle" days?
  • Lily Allen

    The singer's roots seem to be doing battle with the cotton candy pink color on the rest of her head. Perhaps she should call Rachel McAdams for some tips.
  • Jessica Simpson

    When America's favorite ditzy blonde went brown people weren't sure quite what to think. She still looked beautiful, but somehow it just wasn't her. Many speculated the dye job was done for then-boyfriend John Mayer.
  • Britney Spears

    Post-head shaving tantrum a few years back, Brit Brit relied on extensions to get her long hair back. However, her tracks were always showing, which seems rather odd for a multimillionaire pop star, no?

Amy Winehouse

Drew Barrymore

We prefer Barrymore with soft, natural waves over the stiff helmet-like look she has here.

Paula Abdul

Petite women like Abdul should never have hair that looks bigger than they are, period.

Denise Richards

Look, it's "I teased my hair" Barbie. This style is just too forced, Richards looks best with a middle part and minimally styled layers.

Beyonce Knowles

Volume like this on Knowles looks more beauty pageant than pretty.

Jennifer Lopez

Piles of curls placed at the very top of your head is never a flattering look -- even if you are J.Lo.

Renee Zellweger

Ditto the J.Lo comment. Plus, if you weren't born with a ton of hair, embrace a sleek cropped style.

Lady Gaga

The hair bow -- works for Gaga, but should never be seen on the street.

Amy Winehouse

When your volume is extreme enough to question whether your teacup poodle is living inside of it -- it's too big!

Diana Ross

We heart Ross' natural texture, but when cut and styled into a triangle shape it loses its appeal.

Kathy Griffin

If you have a narrow, long face, avoid stiff (helmet-like) volume or you'll look like you're wearing a wig.

Kerry Washington

This style makes us question whether Washington is part of the "Coneheads" clan.

Dolly Parton

Volume paired with piece-y texture equals a scary medusa-like look. Soft voluminous curls, even when done to the extreme (since we know Parton doesn't do tame) would be better.