With Utah authorities investigating a reality-show husband for having multiple wives, we look at polygamy in history, culture, religion and the law.

The Brown Family
The small-town family stars in a new cable show (clips) that chronicles this form of marriage. How is the lifestyle against Utah law?

Brigham Young
The most famous American polygamist became the second leader of the Mormon Church after its founder died this way. What happened to Young's 19th wife?

Warren Jeffs
The imprisoned leader of the polygamous sect, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was convicted on multiple counts of this crime. What is the status of his appeals?

Carolyn Jessop
This anti-polygamist activist (video) recounted her childhood and life as a sister wife in this best-selling book. What Hollywood actress will portray her on the big screen?

Big Love
The HBO series follows a modern-day polygamous family, but the Lifetime channel recently released this movie. It's not the first time that the channel has dabbled in the subject.