Big butts are the new black in Hollywood and that is fine by us! Take a look at some of the best booty Tinsel Town has to offer.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez put big booties on the map and that is why she is number one on our list of the best booties in Hollywood. Her rump is reportedly insured for $27 million and we think it is worth every penny. She is credited with bringing booties back into fashion and for that we will forever be grateful. She proudly showed off her assets on the cover of Stuff magazine's Sept. 2001 cover, one of the magazine's best selling issues in history. - in shorts that cost thousands of dollars, no less. Other butts may come and go, but we think J-Lo will be defending her throne for a long time to come.

Kim Kardashian

Her gravity defying derriere - along with a sex tape, long list of celeb boyfriends and one time BFF status with Paris Hilton - helped catapult Kim Kardashian to new heights of fame. She's also been the subject of butt implant rumors but says no way is it true.
"I will never outlive those rumors. No butt implants, no butt injections, no anything to my butt."

Halle Berry

Her roles in Swordfish and Monster's Ball solidified Halle Berry's place in Hollywood and on our list of the best booties around. Jamie Foxx made every man in the world jealous at the 2009 Spike TV’s Guy's Choice Awards when he not only kissed Halle on stage, but palmed her ass while she grabbed his crotch. Now that's good TV!


She coined the term "bootylicious" and it's obvious why. Her best selling bottom caught the eye of star rapper Jay-Z and made headlines when Beyonce appeared in nothing but a leotard and heels in the video for her hit "Single Ladies."


Her hips don't lie, and neither does her butt. Shakira hit the scene in a bit way in 2001 thanks to her crossover album "Laundry Service" and booty-shaking moves on stage.

Scarlett Johansson

She has one of the most voluptuous bodies on the big screen and Scarlett Johansson is proud of it. "I'm curvy – I'm never going to be 5' 11" and 120 pounds," she says. "But I feel lucky to have what I've got." And we feel lucky to get to look at it.

Eva Mendes

Eva gave the world a front row view of her booty when she posed naked for Peta. The campaign was unveiled in Rockefeller Plaza, but city authorities asked organizers not to reveal the exact time or place of the event because they were in fear of creating a mob scene.
We don't blame them.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel got her break playing a preacher's daughter on TV, but she became famous when she posed half naked for Gear magazine at just 17 years old. She then gave new meaning to the term skinny jeans in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, shook her money maker as exotic dancer in the film Powder Blue, and teased fans with the wet underwear scene in Chuck and Larry - proving that her booty just gets better with time.

Megan Fox

Fitness magazine declared Megan Fox's one of the best butts in Hollywood, but we didn't need them to tell us that.
She mesmerized us with her butt hugging jeans in two Transformers movies and stripped down for lingerie ads and men's magazines. She knows she's hot and that will keep on looking.

Jessica Alba

Anyone who has seen the film knows that Jessica Alba's skin tight Fantastic Four costume was one of its selling points.

Salma Hayek

We first met this buxom beauty in Quentin Tarantino's pop culture hit From Dusk Till Dawn, and boy did she make an impression. Her sexy bikini dance showed off her butt and her snake charming abilities.


Fergie celebrated her lady lumps in the song "My Humps" and was voted one of Maxim magazine's hottest women on the planet in their 2007 Hot 100. She took her humps and her hotness all the way to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2009 not only singing at the event, but walking the runway in lingerie, too.

Vida Guerra

While she’s not as well known as other ladies on our list, Vida's backside is world renowned. She won FHM's Best But In The World award not once, but twice.


There is no doubt that Mrs. Ice- T, Nicole 'Coco' Austin, is very proud of her body. She is prone to posting naked butt shots of herself on twitter, and it is highly likely she backs into rooms instead of walking into them. She is constantly defending herself from rumors that she had her backside enhanced. "100% All Natural! I had my boobs enhanced at 18 years old and that is the only plastic surgery that I ever have done to my body." Unlike her boobs, her butt has been with her all her life.
"The first time I was called "bubble butt" was when I was around 12. My butt wasn't huge but on my small frame it would bulge out a little bit plus my back has a natural deep arch. My best friend and sister would call my booty their crystal ball and they could see the future."