8 Strange Glasses & Goggles

Inspired for Edward Scissor...Eyes?

Swiss Army Shades

These were a feature on our site years ago, and they deserve this triumphant return for providing a wacky look and functionality. The glasses can be customized to include as many handy tools as the wearer desires from a choice of more than 200. Edward Scissor Hands would love these, and while they're strange, it's also a bit of a cruel joke having sharp pointy tools hanging out around the eyes.

 Chopstick Glasses

Chopstick Glasses
These glasses might not look like anything unusual; just your typical trendy geek-chic glasses that many celebs have been seen sporting. But don't underestimate their power; because they've also got a very practical function too that makes them pretty unique. The arms on these unique glasses detach and turn into chopsticks so there's no reason to ever be without. How could you not have a pair of these?

Eye Contact Glasses

Eye Contact Glasses

If you've got a friend who is always caught inappropriately staring in public, call them out this April Fool's Day with these funny Eye Contact glasses. Yes, the glasses have two sets of arms and just one set of lenses so two people can get up close and comfortable and do all the staring they need to be satisfied.


Universal 3D Glasses

Universal 3D Glasses

These glasses aren't really all that strange, but this would have been a great April Fool's joke a few years ago when the concept of 3D televisions and mainstream movies just weren't on our minds as an offering. Every time you watch a different television or take in a different movie, the glasses will be compatible so you don't need a new pair everywhere you go. They might not exactly be strange today, but they're pretty cool; no?

 Funky Lady Gaga Glasses

Lady Gaga Glasses
Lady Gaga is known for all sorts of extreme outfits, including some of the most unusual glasses they anyone has set their sights on. She's been wearing wacky designs onstage and out on the town, and she's recently committed to designing a line of sunglasses with Linda Farrow. There's no doubting that like the glasses Gaga has been pictured wearing, they'll be some funky and freaky modern designs.

Fringed Trend in Glasses

Fringed Glasses

Fringe has been hot during the past few seasons, but applying fringe to glasses just might be going too far. Vision obviously isn't as important as funky fashion when it comes to these glasses.

 Gothic Goggles Will Poke Your Eye Out

Spikey Goggles

These freaky glasses are ideal for April Fool's and will be sure to help any gothic fashion lover make a big statement. The joke really won't be on them of course, although blindness will be an issue; they'll get the last laugh when someone gets too close because these goggles offer defense. It might be the wrong season, but in the words of a Christmas Story "you'll poke your eye out" (ok, it was "shoot your eye out" but that's just a minor technicality).

Pure Gold Glasses

Golden Glasses
Seeing is overrated right? Well, not when you're seeing gold all around you. The glasses had their original debut in a gold jewelry design competition in Bejing in 2007. The expression "they're worth their weight in goal" really is true too since they weigh 111.33 grams of pure gold! They might have originally seemed like part of an April Fool's joke to readers when they originally made their news debut, but these wacky glasses by Chinese designer Zhu Fei were the real thing!