The homecoming king. The cheerleader. The CIA intern? You may be surprised to find out what some celebrities were up to in high school and college.

Movie stars
Michael Douglas, who is fighting cancer and is expected to recover, is said to have held an unusual position in his school years. Answer.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who stars in a movie about high school frenemies, has said she was not the most popular girl in high school. Answer.

Sandra Bullock, an Academy Award winner and new mother, is said to have been a popular class clown in high school and dated a football player.

Politicians and judges
First lady Michelle Obama was salutatorian of her class and attended school with a famous daughter. Answer.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg played this instrument and her mother reportedly died the day before her graduation. Answer.

Sen. John McCain was known by an interesting high school nickname and went on to join the Navy

TV stars
Reality TV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi battled an eating disorder and reportedly wasn’t nearly as wild as she is today. Answer.

Clip show host and sitcom star Joel McHale quit his college rowing team then bluffed his way into another sport. Answer.

Blair Underwood, star of a sci-fi drama, got some practice for his latest role back in high school.

Madonna, who grew up outside Detroit, was a straight-A student and earned a college scholarship. Answer.

Country singer Darius Rucker, former front man for this band, was involved in his church and school choirs. Answer.

Tom DeLonge, guitarist for this rock band, was expelled in high school but later returned and graduated.

TV Journalists
Anderson Cooper, a CNN anchor known by this nickname, spent part of his senior year in Africa before heading off to Yale. Answer.

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather, who now works for another network, was a member of the Caballeros social club. Answer.

“Good Morning America” host and breast cancer survivor Robin Roberts was a popular multi-sport athlete in Mississippi.

Banjo-playing funnyman Steve Martin, who recently joined Twitter, spent his teen years doing something completely different. Answer.

Comedian and satellite radio host Rosie O’Donnell was also voted class clown. Answer.

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who recently held a highly anticipated and well-attended rally, has been cracking people up since high school.