Celebrity Yearbook Photos
Here are tips to make your yearbook photo look great. Take solace in knowing that even our favorite celebrities were forced to pose during their most awkward years for the whole world to later see. Here they are.

Julia Roberts
Her first acting role was playing this politician in a mock election at her Georgia high school. She left for the bright lights of this city just a few months after graduation.

Halle Berry
The Oscar winner was already an overachiever in high school: newspaper editor, class president, cheerleading captain. She went on to win this national pageant.

President Barack Obama
Before he was the leader of the free world, his Punahou School basketball teammates gave him this nickname.

Rachel Maddow
The MSNBC host, who grew up in a California suburb, once described her high school self as this type. What did she say about her yearbook photo?

Ryan Seacrest
The chubby teenager in orthodontic headgear was known as this and started working as a radio station intern at 16 before working his way up to the media mogul he is today.

He was already embarking on his rap career when he dropped out of this Detroit high school in ninth grade. Despite similarities, the rapper says this movie is not based entirely on his life.

Megan Fox
The actress, who dropped out to pursue her acting career, has a lot to say about the high school years.

Vince Vaughn
The funnyman played football and wrestled in high school but eventually quit and started acting.

Tina Fey
The self-proclaimed "supernerd" and late bloomer was an honor student, student newspaper editor and drama club member. She went on to write a screenplay about the world of high school cliques.

Brad Pitt
The Hollywood hunk was named "best dressed" at his Missouri high school and was a multisport athlete.

Oprah Winfrey
It's no surprise that the talk show host was given this title at East Nashville High School and began her broadcasting career at this radio station before she graduated. She also found time to win beauty pageants.

Lil Jon
The Atlanta rapper was still going by his given name in high school and admitted to squeaking by with his grades. He credits this sport with introducing to him to different kinds of music when he was a teen.

It's not surprising the straight-A student studied dance and theater and spent time as a cheerleader at
this Michigan high school.

Owen Wilson
The actor with the laid-back persona was sent to this military school after being kicked out of a Dallas high school in the 10th grade.