Find out why you will get attention (sometimes not good) for your Rudolph style.

Some folks like to decorate trees for Christmas. Others like to decorate themselves for the holidays. Think “Bridget Jones.” We offer both sides in the ugly-sweater debate. Exhibit A. Hear from fashion critics who offer reasons why it’s a fashion don’t, and a self-proclaimed holiday sweater lover who thinks the garments are all the rage

Santa sweaters
A fashion no, no, no 
"There's a way to have whimsy without throwing elegance out the window. Avoid conversationals. They just look juvenile and unsophisticated. Wear a brightly colored necktie that adds more festivity than a regular business tie, but doesn't say ‘ho ho ho' all over it."

Reindeer Sweaters
Ditch the reindeer games. 
“Humor is definitely a do. A reindeer sweater is a don't." Suze Yalof Schwartz, Glamour magazine's executive fashion editor-at-large.

Christmas tree sweaters
Don’t be a walking card.
"If your intention is to make people laugh and smile, then it can work. But you definitely don't want to wear anything too motif-y [with] reindeer, Christmas tree, snowmen. You'll just be a walking greeting card. Not chic."

Snowmen sweaters
The weather isn’t the only thing that’s frightful.
"It's a fine line between festive and foolish. While garish outfits might get you some punchbowl driven laughs, preserve your reputation as a class act by avoiding sweaters with reindeer or snowflakes, ties that could double as wrapping paper and any combination of red and green."

Holiday sweater lovers
Not all think Christmas sweaters are ugly
"Wearing these sweaters, it's a way to take that good holiday feeling with you. Christmas makes me wonder, what if it were like this all the time? If people felt this way, if that feeling carried through the rest of the year. Just imagine."

Teacher's holiday spirit
Fashion that makes kids pay attention.
Many of Day's sweaters have a single motif on the back, a detail she looks for to entertain the kids while she's moving about the classroom.

Holiday traditions
Don’t knock her spirit.
“It's just like putting up the tree or baking cookies. It's part of what the holidays have come to be for our family."

Dog holiday sweaters
Even dogs aren't safe. Like this costumed poodle, Mary Day also dresses up her own dog.