From the two-timing Tiger to the pop princess on parole, find out the muses behind these drinks.

Tired of ordering or making the same old drink when you go out with your friends? Since, you can’t live like a celebrity, toast with a taste of the stars. Here are a few drinks perfect for your next holiday cocktail party. See if you can guess who the following drinks were named after. Cheers.

Half and Half
Grenadine Lemonade
Orange Vodka and Mountain Dew
Carrie 'I love NY' Cocktail
Here's Looking At You Kid Champagne Cocktail
The Pop Princess on Parole Cocktail
The Murricane
The Bipolar Cocktail
Cointreau Teese
Roy Rogers Cocktail
Harvey Wallbanger
Alice in Wonderland
Beam me up Scotty Cocktail
Ramos Fizz
The Mamie Taylor Cocktail
LeBlon James Cocktail
The Two-Timing Tiger