Crazy and cool Christmas lights

So much for electrical conservation! When it comes to holiday lighting, some cities, gardens and families show little restraint. No, you’re not hitting the spiked punch too hard; the following Christmas lights really are mind-blowing.


Holiday porch lights are nothing compared with these folks’ extravaganzas.

City squares

When the lights go on in these urban plazas, it’s definitely hip to be (in the) square

Lights choreographed to music

First, fill the yard with holiday kitsch. Second, kick it to the next level with music.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Houses in this New York neighborhood sport spectacular decorations. Amazing!

Classic Christmas trees

From New York to Chicago to Anaheim, check out the country’s top “tannenbaums.”

Non-evergreen Christmas trees

Why should pine trees get all the action? See other kinds of plants illuminated.

Department store windows

For serious shoppers, it’s not Christmas without checking New York City’s windows.

Saks Fifth Avenue

In recent years, this landmark’s holiday displays spilled beyond the windows.

Towers as Christmas

These buildings’ heights elevate their lights in more ways than one.

Baltimore’s Christmas Street

With apologies to Hollywood, there looks to be another “miracle on 34th Street.” This one’s in Maryland.

Niagara Falls

Could the watery wonder get any more spectacular? Just add holiday color!

Movie decorations

Use caution before looking to these film clips for Christmastime lighting ideas.

Illuminated holiday clothing

Fashionistas, you might want to skip to the next slide. Others, enjoy these light-up style statements.

Inflatable decorations

More impressive than tasteful, these illuminated inflatables deliver high impact.

Unusual locations

Just when you thought there was nothing left to cover in lights …

Animal lights

Lights aren’t only for humans. Check out these amazing animal-themed displays.

Holiday parades

Not just plain-old parades, these Christmas processions feature seasonal lighting.

Shopping malls

Attention shoppers, these awesome light displays could distract from your gift list.

Great gardens

After 11 months of nonelectric horticulture, these gardens light it up.

Christmas lights

Lest we forget the original reason for the season.