Celebs Without Makeup

We see them grace the red carpet at premieres and award shows looking flawless, but celebs don't always walk around looking picture-perfect. Want proof? Keep clicking to see stars like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and more without makeup.
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's fresh face shows off her impeccable complexion, high cheekbones and naturally plump lips. 
Megan Fox
Megan Fox goes incognito with no makeup and a baseball cap. 
Pamela Anderson
Even without makeup, Pamela Anderson's beautiful eyes and glowing smile shine through.
Olivia Wilde
Damn you, Olivia Wilde, and your makeup-free gorgeousness.
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson braved the cold makeup-free on a recent Christmas shopping trip in New York City. She fared pretty well, but a little foundation would've been nice.
Katie Holmes
After an intense workout, Katie Holmes leaves the gym glistening.
Anyone who looks as young and vibrant as Madonna at 52 is a lucky lady.
Amanda Seyfried
With clear skin like hers, it's no wonder that Amanda Seyfried snagged a hot boyfriend like Ryan Phillippe.
Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson's perfect brows, clear skin and pink pouty lips make it easy for her to go makeup-free and still look stunning.
Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson's hair looked flawless after leaving a hair appointment, and despite not wearing any makeup, her face did too!
Kourtney Kardashian
While Kourtney Kardashian has the natural beauty to go au natural, a little lipstick and eyeliner would make her look a little less washed out.
Ashley Tisdale
If Ashley Tisdale filled in her eyebrows with pencil, it would really make her peepers pop.
Tyra Banks
Supermodel Tyra Banks is obviously gorgeous, but we can't believe this CoverGirl model would leave the house without even a dab of concealer.
Marcia Cross
A bit of bronzer and mascara is a quick fix for porcelain-skinned women like Marcia Cross.
Jennifer Garner
Never one to cake on the makeup, Jennifer Garner can easily get by barefaced, especially with her full lips and beautiful complexion.
Rosie O'Donnell
While Rosie O'Donnell's not a big stylista, a little foundation to even out her tone would polish her look. That said, getting gussied up with lipstick and blush every now and then wouldn't hurt.