Most Common Last Names
Get the scoop on the stories behind popular surnames and their origins. Here are some famous people who have some of the most common last names. Check your family tree to see if you have some ties.

Will has one of the most common names in many English-speaking countries, which is also related to this biblical practice.
The Rock's last name has its origins in this race.
The last name of Venus and Serena comes from an Old French given name with Germanic elements. It is the second most common surname in this country.
Chris may have gotten in hot water recently, but in the country that shares its origin, the Brown family has this interesting motto.
Keep up with Star and her recent TV feud. Have a jones for something? This classic American name with many catchphrases even has a soda.
Sienna has one of the surnames that come from an occupation, and there are many derivations in the European countries from which they came. They even have their own beer.
Kristin has a "son of" name, and this too has its share of famous people, including two so well known that after death people know them from their first names. Davis 1. Davis 2.
Surname of Jerry, it's the most common surname in Spain. With a whopping 3.32 percent of the population named Garcia, it's the second most common surname in Cuba and moving up the ranks in the U.S.
You might have been able to guess the meaning of this name from Alex.
From a president to this famous comedian, many Wilsons are in the house.
Another "son of" surname, this one has roots in an ancient Roman god and a favorite Northwest son who had a street named after him.
Pam's last name is sometimes spelled with an "e" at the end. It's another "son of" name, as you would expect, but the son of someone manly, which you might not have expected.
This legendary Taylor just passed away. Another "profession" surname, its etymology reinforces that, and famous Taylors include presidents and other actresses.
This Thomas is a champ. Is there any doubt as to where this name comes from? There's even one on the Supreme Court.
This star athlete has a Spanish surname version of "son of."