Most Expensive Cars
Most Expensive Cars. None of the cars on this list would sell for the millions that this car recently fetched, but they are still some of the most expensive playthings on wheels -  just ask Jay-Z or Simon Cowell.
Ferrari Enzo
With a price tag of $640,000, this car is driven by a handful of celebrities, including this actor and this legendary musician.
Lamborghini Reventon
Only 20 of these cars were produced – 40 if you include the Roadster version. Maybe that explains the $1.42 million price tag? A Saudi man recently filmed the car going 222 mph.
Maybach Landaulet
This ultimate luxury car includes a rear refrigerator and automatically closing doors. At $1.4 million, it’s a car for the super rich. Even the design assumes that a chauffeur will be used.
Koenigsegg Trevita
Never heard of it? Probably because the Trevita is out of your price range. This $2.2 million dollar ride is only available to three lucky owners. One of them is this late-night host and car collector.
SSC Ultimate Aero
$750,000 will get you into this car, which has a top speed of 273 mph. You’ve got to act fast to get one. Only 24 were produced.
McLaren F1
Built for racing by this Formula One car designer, it’ll cost you about $970,000. This well-known hair stylist owns one.
Bugatti Veyron
This car goes for nearly $1.6 million, and with the 2008 model’s interior designed by this this fashion house, you get an idea why. This former American Idol judge owns one.
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
With a price tag of $1.8 million, this exclusive car has only five available in the world.
Leblanc Mirabeau
The $720,000 Mirabeau has extras, including automatic gear shifting. When you can afford a car like this, why waste time shifting?