Tattoo Festival in Sydney
The festival of tattoos and body modification in Sydney
The other day in Sydney, Australia, a festival of tattoos and body modification. What did people in the not to impale yourself that only the skin itself does not tuck as soon as the above are not misinterpreted. It's not my uniquely.
Ruthless Ruth. Made the first tattoo at age 19. Favorite tattoo located above the ankle - an anchor, which filled it to her manager.

Dzhoeltron from the studio First Blood. First in Australia made a tattoo on the eyeball. Has a lot of implants. Favorite tattoo - on his back.
Model Sabina Killy. First tattoo done in 20 years in the studio in Las Vegas. Geisha girl on the right shoulder stuffed within a year.
Ruby Ruin and Andrew Svobrik from the studio Lefthand Path. Ruby made the first tattoo at age 18, and Andrew had to give 20 dollars to a stranger, so he painted his father. So he turned to make the first tattoo at age 16.
Trish Frost made the first tattoo at age 16 on his shoulder. Now her favorite work - the name of her dog, pictured on her neck.
Spooky from First Blood Studios. First tattoo done on the inside of the wrist in 18 years. Now his favorite tattoo done by hand - the bones.
Timmy Vendetta and Muddy West of Adelaide. First tattooed made Muddy at the waist, when she was 18. It is still the favorite.
Josh Lin from Tayvayan. At age 19, made his first tattoo. Favorite tattooed - a demonic womb on his stomach.
Nasya Isabella acquired in 18 years, the first work of German artist on one show. On the back of Nasi her favorite work - good and bad moments from her childhood.
Dan Ritter did his first tattoo at the studio at age 16. In his arms poked out of the skull of Dan and his father - a favorite work.
Yuzen and Gary from Taiwan
Mimsy Gleeson and Chantelle Nold from the studio Mimsey's Trailer Trash Tattoo. Made his first tattoo at 18 and 17 years.
Ping Lin from a studio in Taiwan
Michelle Dawson, herself got a tattoo at age 12. Favorite tattoo - New Zealand flower in her hand.
Benbodhi did his first tattoo at age 18. Now his favorite job - scarification on the body, which do three masters for 2 hours.
Lorraine Keane has got the first of 18 tattoos. Favorite tattoo - on his chest. Do almost 9 hours.
Toby Ridley at age 16 made his first tattoo studio in Newcastle. Casino on the left hand - his favorite job.
Suzanne Gesla from New Zealand has got the first tattoo in Brazil, where the girl was 15 years old. Favorite work - a flower on her right shoulder. Inspiration came to the girl when she found a plastic flower.
James Matthews. At age 18, made his first tattoo on his arm. Hand with a tattoo machine on his leg - a favorite work.

Team Members Night Action Tattoo in Taiwan.
Andrew Howard in 19 years acquired a Harley Davidson nameplate on his shoulder.
Cheng-Hua from Taiwan