There have been a number of tragic deaths recently of teen athletes.  Robert Garza is the third high school athlete to die in a month. A young man from Colorado died after a rugby match  and a Florida teen  girl died after track practice last week.  See what steps are being made to address concerns raised by these incidents.

Wes Leonard

His team did not lose a game this season, but their perfect record was no consolation. The Blackhawks lost their star player after he hit a winning shot, then collapsed on the court. He was 16.

David Heller

Heller played a game harder than he had in a long time, and his parents noticed he was having trouble breathing. He went home that night in 2005, and things seemed normal, but as he slept, he quietly passed away. He was 17.

Reggie Garrett

A star quarterback collapsed on the sideline during a game after apparently having a seizure. His last act was to throw a touchdown pass. He was 17.

Arielle Newman

The captain of her track team, this award-winning runner apparently overdosed on a muscle pain-relieving cream. She was 17.

Max Gilpin

This Kentucky teen collapsed during wind sprints in 94-degree heat and died at 15. His football coach was later charged with a crime but was acquitted at trial.

Jhonathan Bruda

This cross-country runner collapsed on a school track. He apparently was born with an abnormal valve that caused severe narrowing of the heart's main artery. He was 16.

Joshua Ellison

A popular young athlete who was motivated by his faith, this co-captain of the basketball team played five minutes of a game, then sat on the bench telling teammates he felt dizzy. He died shortly thereafter at 17.

Dale Lloyd II

This young football standout died a day after collapsing during a conditioning workout. His family settled a lawsuit with the school and the NCAA. He was 19.

Christopher Pichon II

He collapsed and died at age 14 after a light workout, a tragic way for his parents to find out about his enlarged heart and abnormal arteries. He might not have been playing football if his parents had known about his condition earlier.
Source: msn