Television Star Salaries
“American Idol” is one of the hottest shows on TV. The new “American Idol” judges are a hit with the fans and they’re making big bucks, too. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler join longtime host Randy Jackson, who secured his spot on the panel for another year.
Dr. Phil
Viewers: 7 million

*A longtime favorite of this Queen of Daytime TV got his own show and his own big-time salary.
Desperate Housewives
Viewers: 13.1 million

*Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria each make a bundle per episode.
Bethenny Ever After

*Though she only makes this much per episode of her reality show, she makes a tidy sum each year as a chef, author and guest celebrity.
Keeping up with the Kardashians

*Part of the Kardashian reality TV juggernaut, Kim makes this much per episode, including the latest show in the series.
*With her perfume line, endorsements and staggering appearance fee, she rakes in a big yearly salary.
House M.D.
Viewers: 19.4 million

*As Dr. Gregory House, the lovable yet curmudgeonly star of “House M.D.,” Brit Hugh Laurie takes home a bundle.
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Viewers: 14 million

*The talk show queen’s yearly paycheck is one of the largest.
*Even though this will be her show’s last year (how long has it been on?), she has already launched her new network.
Judge Judy
Viewers: 14 million

*As well as bringing home the bacon, the syndicated cynical TV judge has even surpassed the media queen in ratings.
Late Show With David Letterman
Viewers: 3.7 million (nightly)

*Even though this nightly news program beat both Letterman and Leno, Letterman is still one of the kings of late night, and his paycheck is proof.
Dancing With the Stars
Viewers: 24.1 million

* Celebrity contestants earn about $200,000 per season; the winner gets a bonus.
* The pro dancers earn much less. Len Goodman is thought to nab six figures.
Undercover Boss
Viewers: 16.7 million

* Among the financial benefits of reality TV is no expensive actors.
60 Minutes
Viewers: 14.5 million

* Lesley Stahl reportedly earns low seven figures annually.
* For “60 Minutes” and her regular gig, Katie Couric’s yearly grand total …
* Back in 1987, Andy Rooney’s weekly salary was revealed.
Viewers: 13 million

* If rumors are correct, Mark Harmon’s episodic salary is less than half Sheen’s fee.
* One “Law & Order: SVU” actress is reported to earn more than Harmon.
Viewers: 12.2 million

* See the “TV Guide” salary survey for an idea of what star Nathan Fillion earns.
* Would he do another “Firefly” series? Fillion says yes: “Daddy’s got bills to pay!”
Grey’s Anatomy
Viewers: 11.6 million

* Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo pull in around $250,000 per episode.
* Upset with her initial salary, Katherine Heigl renegotiated, then left.