April news quiz
April news quiz. The tornadoes that struck several southern states and left hundreds dead, and the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William are the biggest news stories of April, but there are many others. See if you remember the details. Police suspect a possible serial killer targeting prostitutes on which New York island, after finding the remains of at least nine people there since December 2010?

A. Fire Island
B. Long Island
C. Staten Island
D. Plum Island

Suicide attack at mosque
What country experienced its first suicide attack on a mosque on April 15, which wounded 28 people?

A. Bangladesh
B. Burkina Faso
C. Morocco
D. Indonesia

Federal budget cuts
After heated debate and compromise, how much was the federal budget cut by?

A. $38.5 billion
B. $20 billion
C. $38.5 million
D. $315 billion

Google in trouble?
Google has been in the news a lot recently, for all of the reasons below besides one. Which one is it?

A. It has been facing anti-trust complaints in South Korea.
B. It has invested in the world's largest solar power tower plant.
C. It has been hit with a class-action suit over app purchases.
D. Its first quarter earnings fell by almost 7 percent.

World's oldest man dies
The world's oldest man, Walter Breuning, died in Montana on April 14. How old was he?

A. 119 years old
B. 116 years old
C. 114 years old
D. 122 years old

Another Japan earthquake
Which of the following in not true about the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan?

A. It was in northeastern Japan, affecting much of the same area as the March 11 earthquake.
B. It is the strongest Japan has experienced since the March11 earthquake.
C. It cut the power supply to 4 million homes.
D. There are at least 20 people dead and more than 200 injured.

New terror alert system
What will the government start using to issue terror alerts, according to a Homeland Security draft?

A. Facebook and Twitter
B. Text messages
C. E-mail
D. It will rely on traditional media to put out the information.

FOX News cancels show
Fox News Channel announced it's ending which pundit's daily television show?

A. Greta Van Susteren
B. Sean Hannity
C. Glenn Beck
D. Bill O'Reilly

Opening day 2011
Which professional sport kicked off its season on the first day in April?

A. Major League Soccer
B. Major League Baseball
C. Major League Lacrosse

Preventive drug price spikes
A drug to prevent babies from being born too early has increased from $20 to how much?

A. $300
B. $750
C. $1,500
D. $2,000

Country's Entertainer of the Year
What country star took home the prize of Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music awards?

A. Miranda Lambert
B. Kenny Chesney
C. Taylor Swift
D. Brad Paisley