Bad boys of sports
Bad boys of sports. They've been accused of murder, have done prison time, cheated and, in one case, bit an opponent's ear. Playing nice? Not these guys.
Dennis Rodman
Can a bad boy be in the Hall of Fame? Apparently so, but his nicknames give you a sense of what you're getting with this multi-divorced, wrestling, drunk-driving, convicted batterer and "Celebrity Rehab" star. Oh, and Rodman has a unique flair for fashion, too
Ty Cobb
Though he set 90 baseball records and is in the baseball Hall of Fame, Ty Cobb was surly and aggressive and was described by one newspaper as being "daring to the point of dementia.
Mike Tyson
An undisputed heavyweight boxing champ with facial tattoos, Mike Tyson may be best known for his conviction for this crime and his ill-advised boxing move against Evander Holyfield.
Michael Phelps
Eight medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics and eight more at the 2008 Beijing Games allowed Michael Phelps to twice tie the record for the most successful Olympian ever. That did not stop him from driving drunk and being pictured doing this, which led to the end of a lucrative contract.
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez hit more than 500 career home runs and was second all-time in grand slams, but a 50-game suspension for this did not help his reputation, nor did blowing off the president, but it's all just part of this.
Pete Rose
After the Black Sox scandal of 1919, the cardinal rule for anyone in major league baseball has been "Don't bet on games." Pete Rose saw all his career achievements, including the record for most career hits, go down the drain as he was banned from baseball for life.
Plaxico Burress
NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg, was convicted for this and has had temporary restraining orders placed against him, but apparently he's a model prisoner.
Michael Vick
Vick did time due to his involvement in an illegal betting sport, had to declare bankruptcy from numerous claims against him, but was named Comeback Player of the Year his first season back in the NFL.
Jim Leyritz
Best known for his Yankee heroics in the 1996 World Series, Jim Leyritz admitted to using amphetamines, was convicted of this major crime and has been arrested for battery.
Jose Canseco
When it comes to steroid use in baseball, Canseco literally wrote the book. He was baseball's first 40-40 man, but besides the steroids, he pleaded guilty to an attempted smuggling charge and has been arrested for this.
John Daly
One of the most intriguing golfers ever, Daly is known for his long drives, but was in rehab at least three times, has been divorced and has this addiction.
O.J. Simpson
"The Juice" was an all-star running back and then a successful actor and TV personality. Then he was accused of and acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. He's currently in jail for numerous felonies in connection with this robbery.
Ron Artest
NBA star and rapper Ron Artest has been arrested for this, has been accused of cruelty to animals and was one of the main characters in a brawl between two NBA teams during which he entered the crowd to look for the spectator who allegedly threw a soft drink at him.
Tiger Woods
He was one of the greatest golfers ever before his wife learned about his now-legendary extramarital activities. Will Woods ever regain his swing?