Bizarre world records
Bizarre world records. One second was all it took to capture a world record. Standing side-by-side, jammed like sardines, participants made history recently for the most people inside a soap bubble. Check out other strange world records.
Largest house of playing cards
American architect Bryan Berg broke his own world record of the world's largest house of free-standing playing cards. How many cards did he use? He broke the record for the first time in 1992.
Typing to 1 million in words
After 16 years and seven months, typing an average of three pages of numbers a day, using only one finger, Les Stewart finished his record-breaking goal of typing out the words from one to 1 million on a manual typewriter.
Most break-dancing head spins
An 18-year-old Japanese break dancer broke a world record by using his head. "Spinboy" Aichi set the record for the most break-dancing head spins in one minute. Find out how many full twists he did to break the record.
Largest bottle cap sculpture
World record veteran Alastair Galpin broke his latest world record using a popular sport for inspiration. He built the world's largest bottle cap sculpture in the shape of a rugby ball.
Most spoons balanced on a face
The world record for the most spoons balanced on a face was broken in 2009 by 10-year-old Aaron Caissie. How many spoons did he balance on his face?
Most books typed backward
Michele Santelia holds the record for the most books typed backward in their original language. How many did he type? His last book was completed in 2009.
Largest collection of airplane sick bags
Niek K. Vermeulen's world record collection started on a bet with a friend to see who could collect the most of one item. He won the wager with the world's largest collection of airplane sick bags gathered since 1970.
Most hot air balloons to cross the English Channel
Hot air balloons dotted the skies over the English Channel in a world record-breaking attempt for the most hot air balloons to cross the body of water to a nearby country.
Most world records held by one person
Many people dream of breaking one world record. Ashrita Furman's goal was a little higher. He holds the record for having the most world records, earning him the fitting nickname of "Mr. Versatility." His amazing number of records? His record-breaking list includes the fastest mile of somersaulting and catching the most grapes in his mouth in three minutes.