Currencies of the world
Currencies of the world. Is the love of it the root of all evil, or is it simply a unit of exchange? Is it strictly business or just a game? Join our celebration of National Coin Week with a look at currency around the world.
The euro is the result of the most significant monetary reform in Europe since the Roman Empire. Read the latest on how the European Union is handling the debt crisis.
The yen is one of the most frequently traded world currencies (where does it rank?). Get the latest news on what effects a major disaster has had on its value.
The most-traded currency in Latin America, the peso also served as the model for several other currencies. It recently made news for its gains.
The won has been in use for thousands of years, and could be positively affected if a much-talked-about agreement goes through.
Before the dinar, this country used the rupee. Recent reports show that one industry still calls the political and economic shots.
The rial was first introduced in 1798 as a coin, and the country that uses it recently celebrated this anniversary.
The word "rupee" was derived from this. The country where it's used is experiencing record-high rates on a hot commodity.
The home of the pound took a pass on the euro to retain its currency. The fourth-most-traded currency in the world has this distinction, and a special coin features a new princess.
The shekel has been around for thousands of years. The country that uses it recently unveiled a new way for tourists to go back in time as well.
The legal tender of this country used to be traded here as well. What will happen to the economy if the ban they are discussing goes through?
This official currency takes its name from the ridge this city is built on. The country will be hosting a major event in 2012.
The shilling has been legal tender since 1962, and its home country has been in the news recently because of incidents involving these outlaws.
The lira usually features an image of this man. The country recently began trading at one of its borders.
The legal tender of this country is being spent more and more on this growing industry, a welcome distraction from recent events.
Not the "e pluribus unum" version, this country's dollar has been around since 1858. The nation also hosted a big event recently.
This legal tender's name allegedly came from this verb. The country that uses this currency is trying to find ways to regulate a major information source.