Facebook Divorce
The social-networking site credited with connecting old friends and helping create new relationships may also be breaking up marriages.

A recent survey says more lawyers are coming to divorce court armed with Facebook evidence to prove spouses are cheating. Flirty emails, inappropriate instant messages and simply changing a relationship status have been the cause of arguments and breakups. Read on to find out about some failed unions that blame the social media giant.
First Facebook divorce
Conference organizer Emma Brady has the misfortune of claiming the world's first ever "Facebook divorce." The 35-year-old discovered her marriage was over when her husband changed his status on his Facebook page
Sleeping with an escort?
Amy Taylor, 28, was moved to end her marriage to David Pollard after discovering he was sleeping with an escort -- virtually.
A cyber-betrayal
This time it ended with a poke (what does that mean?). Georgina Hobbs-Meyer claims she became a Facebook divorcee six months into her marriage after discovering her husband's online infidelity.
Airing the dirty laundry
Patrick and Tammie's divorce reached hostile territory on Facebook when she posted comments on his wall and sent messages about details of his personal life he allegedly left out of his profile.
Facebook-banning pastor
Neptune, N.J., clergyman the Rev. Cedric Miller went as far as to ban the social utility among married members of his congregation. But his sexual past came back to bite him. Watch video coverage.

After being embroiled in a sex scandal, Bishop Eddie Long publicly denounced the social media site (find out what he called it) and a major tech company. His divorce got ugly
Vent with other Facebook divorcees
A number of groups have sprouted up on Facebook united by their common interest of relationship trouble
Tips for married couples
Don't want a foray into social media to end your marriage? Follow these cyber-rules to live by.