Myths about menopause
If a woman has gone for 12 consecutive months without having a period, she’s officially reached menopause. For some women, menopause signifies an end to their childbearing years and the realization that they are getting older. For others, menopause means they no longer have to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of a monthly period. It brings an end to the worry about unwanted pregnancy, and it’s a new age of freedom.
Average age of menopause
The age of menopause
Myth: The age of menopause is determined by how old you were when you started your period.

Hysterectomy and menopause
Can a hysterectomy kick-start menopause?
Myth: A total hysterectomy will put you into instant menopause.

Duration of hot flashes
How long will hot flashes last?
Myth: The average time hot flashes will last is two years.

Eggs and menopause
Loss of eggs brings on menopause?
Myth: Menopause occurs when you run out of eggs.

Low estrogen wrinkles
Low estrogen causes wrinkles?
Myth: Low estrogen levels contribute to wrinkles.

Life after menopause
Life after menopause
Myth: Women live one third of their lives after menopause.

Birth control pill and menopause
The pill and menopause
Myth: If you are on the pill and you stop getting your period, it might be menopause.

Estrogen testosterone menopause
Out with the estrogen & testosterone?
Myth: When your ovaries stop producing estrogen, they also stop producing testosterone.

Final period menopause
Will you ever see your period again?
Myth: If you haven't had your period in six months, you never will again.