New species found
 New species found. The hundreds of animals listed on the federal endangered list take center stage on this Earth Day. But scientists are also discovering new animal species every year. From a fanged frog to a carnivorous sea sponge, check out these new and recently discovered species from around the world.
T. rex’s cousin
Scientists made a huge discovery this year when they uncovered what could be the largest concentration of dinosaur bones belonging to a new species. It’s thought to be related to the Tyrannosaurus rex. What does its scientific name, Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, mean?
Bird-eating frog
This fanged frog was among 163 new species discovered in 2008. It gobbles birds as well as insects.
Horn-adorned dino
Scientists unearthed this bizarre dinosaur whose head was decked out with 15 horns. It’s closely related to another horned cretaceous dinosaur.
Shocking pink dragon millipede
This spiny miilipede is named for its vibrant color. Their glands produce a toxin to ward off predators, but it keeps them smelling like a nut.
Prehistoric six-gilled sharks
Last year scientists uncovered a bizarre prehistoric six-gilled shark thousands of feet below sea level
Flame-throated robin
A new brightly colored robin was discovered in 2008 in the remote forests of Gabon
Smooth-hound shark
This slender species of shark was discovered in 2003 (find out where) by an ichthyologist. It’s the first new shark to be discovered in the inlet in 34 years.
Giant huntsman spider
Discovered in the northern area of a Southeast Asian country in 2001, the giant huntsman spider is considered the largest spider in the world.
Killer sponge
This carnivorous sea sponge made the “Top 10 New Species” of 2010 list and coined a new scientific term.