Silliest Songs
Silliest songs. Thirteen-year-old Rebecca Black’s slightly silly stream-of-consciousness song “Friday” became a YouTube sensation. Like Black’s hit, some of the ditties on our shortlist of the silliest songs became one-hit wonders, while others are relegated to obscurity.

Combine psychedelic with an offbeat British sense of humor, add a cloak & a homeless mouse, and you have Pink Floyd’s “Bike.” Long live Syd Barrett.
‘Mairzy Doats’
A novelty song from the years of World War II, it made the charts several times, once all the way to No. 1. Spike Jones did a version.
‘Lumberjack Song’
It starts out as a linear narrative about lumberjacks from a famous comedy troupe, but when the lyrics go to “I cut down trees / I skip and jump / I like to press wildflowers,” that’s when things go hilariously awry.
‘Fish Heads’
One of the members of this comedy rock duo was on this legendary outer-space TV show. Their big hit was about what fish heads can and cannot do, including play baseball, wear sweaters or drink cappuccino in Italian restaurants with Asian women.
‘All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’
It’s one of the best Christmas novelty songs ever, done by a legendary entertainer. Find out how he got his stage name.
‘Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh’
Maybe it’s a genre. Allan Sherman won a Grammy for this camp complaint song, which employs a classic melody.
‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha, Ha’
Critics can’t decide if the singer of this novelty song is crooning about a lost lover or his dog. How did it do on the charts when it was released in 1966?
‘Monster Mash’
Quite possibly the most popular silly song ever, this ubiquitous Halloween party song was created by a band that featured this legendary singer.
One of the most successful silly songwriters ever, he had chart success with a serious religious song before the 1969 novelty ditty about a man who lives in a jungle. He is said to have had some help composing ‘Gitarzan.’
‘Earache My Eye’
The song-skit by an often under-the-influence comedy team features a character that’s a cross between a theatrical rock star and a musical chameleon.