Tax Day trivia
Tax Day trivia. It's almost Tax Day, but take note: The filing deadline is different this year. Before you prepare that return, have fun with some tax trivia and see if you can guess the answer before you click.
First federal tax deadline
The 16th president of the Unites States first enacted a federal tax in 1861 to fund a momentous war. What president and five-star general was in office when April 15 became the official Tax Day?
Al Capone
The FBI called the 1930s Chicago gangster a public enemy, but it took IRS special agents to finally put him behind bars. Find out what crime he pleaded guilty to.
Celebrity tax evaders
Tax problems plagued a former vice-president and sent a famous boxer back into the ring. Find out which famous actor is currently serving time for his unpaid taxes.
Movies about taxes
In a long line of movies about the tax man, Will Ferrell was no Elf in a film about a socially isolated IRS agent who audits an Oscar-nominated actress. Which 2008 drama stars an action hero as an IRS agent who falls in love?
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor and former husband Richard Burton caused a scandal while making this panned film.
George Harrison
The Beatles' George Harrison wrote arguably the most popular song about taxes. The infamous ditty first appeared on what popular 1966 album
Attacks on IRS
People complain about the IRS, but Joe Stack made it a target when he flew his plane into an IRS building, killing himself and injuring 13 others
One of the biggest aquatic disasters of all time, which occurred on Tax Day, has long fascinated the public. The richest man in America at that time went down with the ship.
Presidential salaries
The IRS has its own tax trivia site. What was the adjusted gross income for the first family in 2009.