Weekend Events
These events are comming on this April 2011 first weekend. Avocado Takedown, Burlesque Revived, Cello Madness Congress, Chicago Golden Gloves, CicLAvia, Lost + Found Freedom in Postgraffism, Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Scrabble for Cheaters, Super Mario Brothers Burlesque, The Nudie Fest and Washington Cask Beer Festiva.
Lost + Found Freedom in Postgraffism
Some may mistake it for graffiti, but those who know better understand the art behind the graphics. Leading the postgraffism art movement are three of Miami’s most well known visual artists: Alex Yanes, Daniel Fila and Raymond Adrian, collectively known as Surface Merchants. The trio’s first joint exhibition, “Lost + Found Freedom in Postgraffism” at Cafeina on April 9, features 100 feet worth of larger-than-life wooden cutouts made into 3-D wall art. The installation will include everything from a 15-foot woman to adorable monsters. This is one instance where the writing really is on the wall.
Super Mario Brothers Burlesque
If playing Super Mario Brothers hasn’t been quite as fun since your tweens, this weekend your adult senses will be beguiled when local burlesque artists dress, or more accurately undress the iconic characters of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach in honor of the game’s 25th anniversary.
Relive the excitement of defeating Bowser and his cronies with the interactive show that lets the audience decide whether Princess Peach shall be rescued, or seduced… Head to Gorilla Tango Theatre to get your game on— whatever that might be…
Scrabble for Cheaters
The rules are simple: Lie, cheat and steal to win. The fourth annual Scrabble for Cheaters tournament is being held this weekend at 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids develop writing skills, with free tutoring and workshops. Author and 826NYC founder Dave Eggers will be on hand at the event, but this is not a spectator sport — sorry gawkers.
Invent long and crazy words -– as long as you can pronounce and define them, the words stand. Take advantage of the “passport” rule, and use a language other than English. Add Q, X or Z to any word you’d like. The grand prize if you win? The Cheater’s Cup.
Washington Cask Beer Festival
Beer festivals are a dime a dozen as the weather warms, particularly in microbrew-loving Seattle, but Saturday’s Washington Cask Beer Festival should be a destination for anyone who loves some good, small-batch suds. The event will feature more than 70 innovative, cask-conditioned beers from some of the state’s most creative breweries, such as Iron Horse, Naked City, Scuttlebutt, Schooner Exact and more. Each $40-ticket includes a tasting cup and 20 samples — enough that you should consider bringing a designated driver with you.
Cello Madness Congress
Liberating the cello from the confines of the symphony, Cello Madness Congress reconvenes for the first time in years to bring you wicked beatboxing mixed with kinetic theatrics. They’ll be performing works by the eclectic S.F.-based Joowan Kim and by Ian Stewart. C’mon: there’s always room for cello.
Chicago Golden Gloves
It may be an amateur boxing competition, but the Chicago Golden Gloves tournament has been a major stepping stone for such legendary fighters as Cassius Clay, Sonny Liston and Joe Louis. Since the 1920s, contenders have been stepping into the ring to gain the attention of sportswriters and managers in order to launch their careers. Winners go on to compete in the National Golden Gloves Championships, held in May, and everyone goes out fighting.
Walking in LA? Insanity. Biking in LA? Often dangerous. For one Sunday every few months, streets from Melrose Avenue through downtown and over to Hollenbeck Park are shut down for people-powered transportation, with bikers and walkers reclaiming the streets.
CicLAvia, modeled after similar events in Bogota that have been going on for more than 30 years, promotes neighborly fraternization and patronage of local businesses along the route. April 3 will be the second event in Los Angeles. Round up the family for a nice, leisurely stroll or bike ride, then pop in on the after-parties along the way.
Scarborough Renaissance Festival
The Rangers are playing in Baltimore this weekend. Instead of Arlington, go to Rockwall. There you’ll trade-in bats and pretzels for lances and turkey legs during the opening weekend of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Comely maidens and valiant knights in custom duds mill about with serfs who’ve rented costumes at a booth near the front gate. Jousting contestants and fools will predominate, naturally, as will LARPers, those involved in live-action role-playing. Patrons will have the opportunity to enter a photo contest and speak in archaic English — a lot of “aye” and “thee.” And a troubadour will surely make one young woman swoon during one of the weddings officiated.
The Nudie Fest, Burlesque Revived
Peek into the world of burlesque at the new exhibit The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived at the Museum of S ex on Fifth Avenue. The show traces the sassy burlesque timeline – from its 1930s golden age to today – via sequined costumes, rare historical footage and superb contemporary photos by New York artist Leland BobbĂ©, like this one of dancer Dottie Lux. She’s the archetype of a neo-burlesque movement that’s both gritty and playful, captured perfectly by her steadfast gaze, fishnets -– and strategically placed pink balloons.
Avocado Takedown
There are chili cook-offs and there are clam chowder cook-offs, but neither of those seem very “LA.” Avocados? Now we’re talking. Introducing the Avocado Takedown, this Saturday at the Bootleg Theater. Sure, there will be guacamole, but what else can be done with the “alligator pear?” Twenty locals will bring their best avocado-based recipes to battle, and you’ll judge who walks away with top honors. The Takedown is brought to us by the fine, slightly-twisted folks behind similar bacon and fondue-themed events, so bring your creativity and appetite. And bring ten bucks, too, because avocados don’t just grow on trees. Wait…