Weird State Laws
Weird State Laws. Check out this array of crazy codes of conduct from across the nation. Some are no longer on the books, some might be urban legends and others are truly letter-of-the-law lunacy .
In the Bayou state, it’s illegal to pull the pizza prank.
What qualifies as a public nuisance in the Sunshine State? Doors that open inward, instead of outward.
All you restless adolescents in the Badger state take note: There’ll be no throwing rocks at passing trains.
New Hampshire
Don’t even think about collecting seaweed at night in the Granite state.
North Carolina
Tarheel state residents who want to know their futures should stick to Ouija boards, because palm-reading parlors are banned.
Buckeye state crooks must’ve been living for the weekend —no arrests were allowed on a Sunday
South Carolina
Hey, minors in the Palmetto state, there’s no playing with pinball machines until you’re 18.
If you run a junkyard in the Equality state, you’d better not buy any scrap from a seller who’s been boozing.
Don’t just hold the mayo, hold the horns, too. In the Natural state, there’s no honking outside of sandwich shops.
West Virginia
No matter how dapper it may have looked, it was once a misdemeanor to wear a hat inside a theater in the Mountain state.
Silver state residents, no matter how tired you get in "The Biggest Little City in the World," you’d better think twice about lying down on a city sidewalk.
Take those billboards and fliers elsewhere because the Pine Tree state wants to keep its cemeteries ad-free.
Until 2008, it was illegal to sell sex toys in the Lone Star state.
Spray string — that’s this party favor — is taboo in the Heart of Dixie