zeta-jones opens up
Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has opened up about her battle with bipolar disorder to encourage other sufferers to get help. The 42-year-old recently spent five days at the Silver Hill psychiatric hospital in Connecticut for treatment for the condition, which is characterised by long periods of depression and bursts of mania.
Her decision to get help came after a tough year during which her husband Michael Douglas was treated for throat cancer and his son Cameron was sent to jail on drug charges.

Speaking about her illness, Zeta-Jones explained that she wants people to stop thinking mental problems are embarrassing or something to hide.

"This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them," she told People magazine.

"If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it.

"There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help."

Catherine, who two children, Dylan, 10, and eight-year-old Carys, with Michael says she found it hard to cope when he was battling cancer and decided to seek treatment.

Sharon Cotliar, People magazine's assistant editor said: "I think she looked at Michael and said, 'he's been given a second chance, we've been given a second chance.

"'I want to be healthy, I want to be happy and celebrate our life together. And this was really a step to do that."

Zeta-Jones is due to start shooting for the film Playing the Field alongside Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel and she said she wanted to make sure she was ready for such a big commitment.

The film is about a former professional footballer who is targeted by a group of mothers when he begins to coach his son's youth team.