Amy Childs quit Essex
Amy Childs quit Essex. Her departure will be a massive blow to hit ITV2 programme The Only Way Is Essex and could put its future in jeopardy.

Babe Amy Childs, 20, decided to leave after TOWIE’s Bafta glory on Sunday was ruined by a furious backstage bust-up. She and her female co-stars were left fuming when cocky Mark Wright tried to sideline them.

He demanded to lead the group and make the acceptance speech when they won a top gong.

His “arrogant attitude” led to a massive falling-out as the girls accused him of stealing the limelight.

When the show got the YouTube Audience Award, Mark, 24, forced his way to centre stage and rushed to grab the microphone.

His cockiness sent Amy over the edge and made her decide to quit.

The beauty is already furious she did not get much airtime during the show’s second series.

She felt she was over-shadowed by newcomers such as Joey Essex, 20, and Gemma Collins, 30.

Amy said: “There is a lot of talk about me getting my own show.

“Everyone wants me to have my own show.

“They love me. So I am sure it’s going to happen.

“I could see myself being a presenter.”

TOWIE bosses still maintain she is a key star.

A source said: “We’ll move Heaven and Earth to keep her. She’s the woman who put ‘vajazzle’ on the map.

“She has millions of male fans lusting after her.”

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