Driver 22 Crashes Friend’s £225k Lamborghini ‘Without insurance’. A young motorist has some explaining to do after causing 'extensive damage' to his friend's £225,000 Lamborghini.

The 22-year-old was driving the powerful Murcielago model early on Sunday morning when he lost control and crossed the central reservation of a motorway in Sydney, Australia.

He then collided with an oncoming taxi causing 'extensive damage to both vehicles', the Lamborghini being left with major frontal damage.
Passer-by Daisy Buckle captured pictures of the wrecked Murcielago on her mobile phone.

She said: 'I assumed the driver was in a second ambulance - I could not believe he was walking around without a scratch.

'I heard an onlooker say "Friend ha! I bet he is not a friend now, take a strong friendship to get through this one." '

The 30-year-old owner had lent the car to his friend for a 'bit of fun', but will have a tough time claiming the damages on insurance - it is understood the Lamborghini was not insured for drivers under the age of 25.

Fortunately the driver of the Lamborghini emerged unscathed but his 26-year-old male passenger suffered minor chest injuries.

The 51-year-old female driver of the taxi was trapped in the vehicle for more an hour with a broken leg.

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