May 2011 recalls
May 2011 recalls. This month, a salad staple led to widespread recalls, and a number of kiddie creature comforts posed hazards. See which products were deemed defective in May.
May 2011 food recalls
Safeway recalled its Signature Café prepared salads made by a California company because of possible contamination. What's the offending ingredient? No illnesses have been reported. That same ingredient led to other recalls across the country.

Additional recalls:

Cinderella Sweets Passover cookies, which contain the one ingredient they shouldn't.

Flower Foods' English muffins and one bread item with "best by" dates May 11 and May 12. What's in them?

A flavor of Schratter Foods cheese with an expiration date of June 15 through 29, due to possible contamination.

Mountain Pure drinking water in 16.9-fluid ounce-bottles.

Goodness Gardens chives, due to potential contamination.

Bimbo Bakeries USA's doughnuts

Oberweis Dairy's ice cream quarts

Certain flavors of Doctor's CarbRite Diet health bars expiring on or before June 30, 2012; here's the problem.

Five lots of Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products' snickerdoodle cookies sold since March 2011.

A Texas-based bakery's 24-ounce white and wheat breads purchased before May 2; here's why.

90 cases of Nut Bar Co.'s pecan pieces with this lot number, because of a foreign ingredient.

Two varieties of the Raymond-Hadley Corp.'s cake mixes.

Six lots of fudge and chocolates distributed through Massachusetts; what's the ingredient?

One lot of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste; what's the potential harm?
May 2011 children's gear recalls
A high-end children's furniture company recalled about 330 of its fixed-side cribs after receiving a handful of complaints. What went wrong? Check for item codes 2009, 2010 and 2011 on these crib models.

Additional recalls:

An alert was issued about Phil & Ted's Metoo Clip-on Chairs distributed since May 2006; what's the danger?

Recall re-announcement of about 1 million Maclaren strollers sold before November 2009; here's why.
About 445,000 Dorel Asia wooden bunk beds in the U.S., due to malfunction reports.

About 6,000 Sandbox Medical pacifier clips sold from February to March; here's why.

About 36,000 Tween Brands beaded curtains sold from August 2010 to March 2011; here's the problem.
May 2011 children's clothing and toy recalls
Kiddieland recalled about 9,000 of its Disney Princess Racing Trikes sold from January 2009 through April 11. The trikes injured at least three children; what happened?Which other toy did the brand recall?

Additional recalls:

About 20,800 Danbar Knight Hawk remote-control toy helicopters (which gadget shop sells them?); here's why.

About 17,400 Bumble Bee and Lady Bug infant slipper socks sold at Meijer stores from June 2009 through March 2011; here's why.

About 600 "Toy Story 3" bowling game sets sold only at this major chain from Sept. 1 to 25, 2010.

About 300 girls' hooded sweaters by El Gringo Imports sold at a Seattle landmark from November 2009 to August 2010; here's why. What's the easy fix?
May 2011 pharmaceutical recalls
Bristol-Myers Squibb is recalling one lot of 1,000-count bottles of its Coumadin tablets. Why is it prescribed? What was the recall reason?

Additional recalls:

Dietary supplement Pentrexyl Forte Natural with an expiration date of April 2014 and this lot number

American Regent's Caffeine & Sodium Benzoate Injection vials with a February 2012 date.
May 2011 meat recalls
A California company is recalling about 15,900 pounds of ready-to-eat pastrami and roast beef. What risk do they pose?See which sandwich chain was part of the recall.

Additional recalls:

About 285,100 pounds of barbecue beef, pork and chicken, due to an allergen alert.

About 18,648 pounds of Stir the Pot's chicken products produced between March 28 and April 28 and bearing this number; here's why.

About 216,238 pounds of Smithfield pork products, due to undeclared whey; look for this label number.

Porky Products' salted smoked split herring distributed from April 14 to 28, due to a contamination risk; here's the lot number.
May 2011 electrical item recalls
Research in Motion is recalling about 1,000 of its PlayBook tablets shipped to a national office supply chain. What was the problem?

Additional recalls:

About 300,000 sheet sanders
May 2011 vehicle recalls
GMC issued a recall on certain vans, due to a brake defect. See what was defective.Which other GMC-made vehicles are included in the recall?

Additional recalls:

About 1,629 Toyota Tundra trucks what needs work?

Expanded recall of more than 833,000 Honda and Acura vehicles
May 2011 consumer product recalls
Telstar recalled about 317,000 of its spiral and U-shaped energy-saving light bulbs sold from August 2010 through March 2011 The bulbs -- also sold under this name -- pose a fire hazard. Find out how consumers were affected.

Additional recalls:

About 7,600 12-piece tea light candle sets sold exclusively at this Midwest retailer from October 2010 through March 2011

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