michael sheen breaking dawn
Michael Sheen has hinted that there will be some surprises in the two parts of Breaking Dawn. The two part movie brings the Twilight series to a conclusion and while the actor admits that they have stayed true to the book there will be a couple of things in there to shock audiences.

Speaking to MTV News the actor said: "There are things that for people who even know the books very, very well, I think will be surprises.

"Without giving too much away there are things that stay very true to the book, but there are a couple of things that I think will draw gasps of breath from people," he explained.

"There are all the moments that you would hope in there and a few others that maybe people aren't expecting.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn sees Sheen return to the character of Aro, which he hinted earlier in the week featured more in the final two movies.

Sheen's new movie Midnight In Paris was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and he is set to appear in the new series of Doctor Who for the BBC.

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