model falls out hotel

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model falls out hotel
model falls out hotel. Atlanta model Lashawna Threatt dies after tumbling out of Atlanta hotel; was 'fighting' with friend. A 30-year-old model celebrating her birthday at an Atlanta hotel plunged to her death Saturday after she and a pal crashed through a 10th-floor window while "play wrestling," authorities said.

Lashawna Threatt's lifeless body was found on a sunroom roof about five stories below the W Midtown Hotel room.

Rescuers discovered her friend, who tumbled off that same roof, on an outdoor patio.

The friend, identified by friends as Ciara Williams, was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition with several broken bones.

"They were play wrestling and the next thing you know, they went toward the window and through the window and out they went," said Paul Guerrucci, commander of the Atlanta Police Department's homicide unit.

Witnesses told cops the petite women were merely horsing around before they fell out of the window about 3:15 a.m.

"According to the witnesses, there was no arguing during the hours leading up to this, either, so it's really a tragic accident," Guerrucci said.

Threatt, who appeared at liquor promotions and in print ads, leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter.

"She was extremely charismatic. She could talk to anyone," said her pal, Jomarys Castillo.

Threatt started the night at a restaurant with about 20 friends. Afterward, a small group went to the hotel for an after-party.

"They had just gotten in the hotel and were having a good time," said Passionate Chonvill, who is friends with both women, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"My friends who were there said it was so random. They literally just fell out the window. They are two small girls and I am trying to figure out how the hell, two small girls could break a window like that."

Guerrucci would not say whether alcohol might have played a role in the accident. Authorities were waiting for blood test results.

Source: nydailynews