World’s best holiday spots
Stuck for holiday ideas? Draw inspiration from the winners of the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Destination Awards. See if you can guess who’s at number one…
10 Hong Kong, China
The city's airport has popped up in numerous awards this year, so it's time for the location itself to take centre stage. Some might gripe about Hong Kong's packed streets where tourists and commuters wriggle for space, but it is unarguably a top-notch destination with great hotels, beautiful bars to down a cocktail or few and fantastic shopping, from high-end brands to bargain handbags in the Ladies market.
We reckon it made the cut for its good transport links, nightlife, architecture and food - all of which combine to make a hassle-free holiday. TripAdvisor user Kleinish summed it up by saying: "Hong Kong is amazing!" Quite right.
9 Barcelona, Spain
Most of us either have visited the city more than once or at least know someone who has - which surely is testament to Barcelona's popularity. Sure, it has a beautiful gothic quarter, the Musee Picasso, Gaudi's best works, the stretch and sprawl of the Ramblas and a cute beach at Barceloneta, but if pushed, we'd say Barcelona's biggest draws are the atmosphere and the people.

Warm, friendly and always up for a good party, the people represent the convivial nature of Spain far better than Madrid. Richarddowling11 revealed: "I just got back from a 10 day trip to Barcelona. I have to say it was the best holiday I have ever had. From the food to the culture and great weather every day was a different experience."
8 London, UK
Number eight isn't a position to be sniffed at, and with the recent success of the Royal Wedding behind us, the only way is up. With London hosting the Olympics next year, the capital will fervently be cleaning up its act - literally - as money is being pumped in to regenerate grotty areas.

From Shoreditch's vintage delights and rock and roll scene, to eclectic shopping in Camden and sedate walks in Hyde Park and sightseeing at Buckingham Palace, there's a lot to see. TripAdvisor user Onalae agrees, adding: "I love London. There is so much to do one needs almost a month to see it."
7 Rome, Italy
HeidiandSteve says: "My husband and I went to Rome and we had an amazing time! There were various things about this city that make it my favourite place on earth." These 'various things' might be the local, family-run tavernas (you have to dig to find them) serving home-cooked meals of rabbit, the sheer volume of architectural delights from the Vatican to the Villa Borghese or the Bernini statues, or the plush five-star hotel stays.
6 New York City, US
Most travellers, when asked about the place, often have a wistful look in their eye before uttering: "Ah, New York." Aside from the funky smells and overcrowding, it has an unbeatable atmosphere that comes from people hanging out on the sidewalk drinking beer, slices of the best pizza after a night partying, rows of shops selling one-off vintage pieces, iconic stores like Macy's and yellow cabs crawling in honking traffic.

LePaulQuiRit says: "Everybody`s heard of it, everybody has seen it in dozens of movies, but actually being there is an experience one shouldn't miss."
5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Improved flight connections have a lot to do with Rio's increasing popularity, but the swathes of beautiful people populating the soft sandy beaches have long since been a heavy draw.

Seasoned traveller DerekDonuts says: "I have been fortunate in my job to visit some of the most remarkable places in the world....but nothing tops Rio de Janeiro."
4 Paris, France
The undisputed time of the year to visit Paris is in the springtime, but you can still enjoy its delights year-round. There are all the old favourites - boating down the Seine, visiting the Louvre and shopping down the Champs-Élysées - but Paris also has a burgeoning underground club scene and vintage boutiques. Philadelphia Camelot says: "This was the trip of a lifetime for our family."
3 Machu Picchu, Peru
This year, Machu Picchu celebrates its 100th year of 'rediscovery' by Hiram Bingham III, and despite threats to limit the number of tourists on the trail, nothing has dampened our fascination with the ancient Incan site. CameramanUK says: "Simply jaw-dropping."
2 Sydney, Australia
TripAdvisor user MAPCPP enthuses: "Those who never see Australia miss a ton of excitement and one of the best vacation spots on the planet. And one of the jewels of Australia has to be Sydney."

We reckon Sydney has bagged the second spot because it offers so much to the traveller: beaches, shopping, brilliant cultural scene (the iconic opera house isn't just for looking at), nightlife, warm weather and a thriving food scene.
1 Cape Town, South Africa
Enjoying a boost, no doubt, after hosting the World Cup in 2010, Cape Town is the most popular for millions of TripAdvisor travellers. We're quite surprised by the result as it's still a growing, not established, city but presumably there's a frisson of excitement with exploring a city that isn't quite so well known. Jim Hatch is a fan, revealing: "I love Cape Town and cannot wait to visit again."