The richest animals in the world. I never would have thought that their beloved pet celebrities can leave such a legacy.

Turtle Silverstone. Her owner, Christina Foyle left her an inheritance of $ 200 000 $.

Border Collie Keith and Tina. After the death of his mistress' dog got her home, as well as $ 1000000.
Cats actress Beryl Reid. After her death, received a house worth 1.8 million dollars.
Leona Helmsley left her Maltese $ 12 million, which was at $ 7 million more than went to her grandson.
Labrador named Flossie. His legacy is a property for $ 3 million. In this way, it has decided to thank Drew Barrymore, because he saved her during the fire.
British publisher Miles Blackwell made the most ordinary chicken nasllednitsey his condition in 18 pl. U.S. dollars.
Pitomitsa Oprah just inherit the entire fortune of his mistress.
Chimpanzee named Kalu inherited all of the state of his mistress - Patricia O'Neal.
Poodle Toby inherited 30 million dollars from his father, who in turn inherited this sum from a New York socialite Ella Wendel.
German Shepherd dog named Gunther IV also inherited a fortune from his father, Gunther III. He also got money from a German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein.