Britons drink 5,800 pints

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Britons drink 5,800 pints
Britons drink 5,800 pints. Britons drink 5,800 pints in their lifetime and suffer 726 hangovers, according to a new study. The study, based on a survey of 2,000 people, found that Britons drink at least three nights a week and have nine drinks in total -- which works out at 468 a year.However, while over half (57 per cent) sip a beverage in the comfort of their own home, just 17 per cent say they regularly visit the pub.

The resulting bar bill comes to an eye-watering 58,201 pounds over a lifetime, the ''Daily Mail'' reported.

The poll, by Benenden Healthcare Society, also revealed a fairly widespread dependency on alcohol.

The average Briton starts experimenting with alcohol at the tender age of 14. Four out of 10 admitted they can''t go longer than a week without having a drink, while 10 per cent said they would struggle to make it through just two days without cracking open a bottle.

Popular reasons for indulging included drinking to "unwind" and "escapism", the survey found.