Mohamed Al-Fayed Celebrity Big Brother house
Mohamed Al-Fayed Celebrity Big Brother house. It's only been three days and already it seems the Celebrity Big Brother house is in need of a shake-up. Step forward, Mohamed Al-Fayed - rumour has it the former Harrods boss is due to enter the house later today... and he's all set to stir things up a bit.The 82-year-old told the Daily Star: "I'm going into the Big Brother house to serve up quite a few surprises." What surprises will those be, we hear you ask?

According to the Star, Al-Fayed is well aware of Darryn Lyons' career and since the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana, he hasn't been a huge fan of the paparazzi.

A source told the paper: "This will be a real shocker, another Fright Night. Darryn may have many celebrity friends in the world but he also has a lot of enemies.

"Let's just say that Al-Fayed knows of him, what he has done and isn't his biggest admirer."

His surprise entrance is due to be screened tomorrow night.

It's not a moment too soon either... the show dropped a massive two million viewers on only its second night.

Source: aol